The Mobilize.Net solution uses artificial intelligence plus machine learning



The core technology is:

  • Matchine™, a syntactic extension to an object-oriented language aimed at supplementing it with language-oriented programming features and environment that, using grammar-based representations, very high level pattern matching and algebraic simplifications, allows mapping source code concepts by means of natural deduction; plus

  • A comprehensive set of sophisticated tools specially designed for the construction of software transformation, software migration and upgrade systems. A powerful engine that uses grammatical objects and equivalence rewriting carries out semantic transformations on massive amounts of source code.

The Mobilize.Net technology has migrated billions of lines of code in a large variety of environments, which include migrating legacy programming languages such as Visual Basic 6, ASP, Linc, Informix, Oracle Forms, RPG, J++, and PHP.

Automated code conversion tools are not a new concept but have had mixed reviews in the past. Mobilize.Net--based on Artinsoft's two decades of success--is different.


Download our whitepaper to learn the top five myths about automated code modernization:

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Mobilize tools are modular, extensible and configurable building blocks that can be reused when creating different conversion factories.  A factory can fully understand and apply best engineering practices to source code, and help evolving source code automatically from simple refactorings to complex program-slice transformations to replace a source code aspect, like GUI or DB access technology.

Automated code conversion uses an architecture similar to a compiler, except that the output is native source code rather than object code.