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Free Trials & Downloads

Mobilize.Net application migration tools support many transformations

Visual Basic Upgrade Companion

VBUC is the best tool to efficiently migrate Visual Basic 6 code to .NET (VB6 to VB.NET & VB6 to C#).
Download VBUC 9.3
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RapidScan Source Code Analysis Tool

Get a detailed inventory of all the files found with RapidScan Source Code Analysis Tool
Download RapidScan - Free Assessment Tool
Free Assessment Tool

Silverlight Assessment Tool

Need to get off Silverlight?
Start here. Details about all your Silverlight web code

Get off Silverlight - Download WebMAP
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Informix Line Counter Tool

A simple command-line tool that you can run against your Informix 4GL applications to determine the total lines of code and some other basic characteristics.

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Informix 4GL to Java Demo

We migrated the Stores application –a native Informix 4GL system that handles clients and orders– to Java while maintaining its functionality and layout, and then enhanced its look and feel to match the latest UI standards.



JLCA Companion Metrics Utility

This free utility produces the metrics about your J2EE application needed to obtain a price quote for the JLCA Companion product.

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SnowConvert Assessment Tool

Got Teradata? Thinking about Snowflake? Try the free SnowConvert for Teradata Assessment Tool Beta.
Free Assessment

Migrate Oracle to Snowflake

Save time and money. Move from Oracle to Snowflake seamlessly with Mobilize.Net
Migrate Oracle to Snowflake

SQL Server to Snowflake

Move from SQL Server to Snowflake seamlessly with SnowConevrt by Mobilize.Net.

SnowConvert for SQL Server
Migrate SQL Server to Snowflake