The best available tools to perform code migrations from a source database or Spark application to Snowflake.

Spark Scala
Spark Python
SQL Server

Data Solutions
The premier productivity workbench designed and optimized for teams using Snowflake.

Translation with SnowConvert
Edit, Debug & Deploy
Automated Test Case Generation
Metadata Analysis
Source Code Management

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There are countless ways to take advantage of BlackDiamond Studio and SnowConvert.

Migration and Other Snowflake Services
Get Up and Running with Snowpark
Using the SnowConvert Trial
Build a Cross-Platform Object Inventory

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by John Browne, on Aug 21, 2023 3:43:15 PM

As in Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets, which we now have in WebMAP. I haven't written much any HTML recently, so I have to blushingly admit I never heard of either …

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by DeeDee Walsh, on Jul 31, 2023 9:25:22 PM

Discover the latest features and updates in the highly anticipated .NET 8 release. Note: I got some grief on Twitter that this is too "summarized" and sounds like a bot …

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Topics:.NETC#.NET 8

by DeeDee Walsh, on Jul 31, 2023 9:21:46 PM

Hello, fellow code warriors! Pack your virtual bags because .NET Conf is about to whisk you away on a thrilling journey from November 14th to 16th. And the best part? …

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Topics:.NET.NET 8dotnetconf

by DeeDee Walsh, on Jul 24, 2023 5:41:09 PM

Remember 10 years ago when cloud computing was revolutionary and kind of scary? We all had lots of "can the cloud be trusted" discussions. Now it's a given that every …

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by John Browne, on Jul 18, 2023 5:00:31 PM

As far as I can tell, there are only two things that are easy to do in the cloud: paying too much and getting it wrong. That's where reference architecture …

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by DeeDee Walsh, on Jul 15, 2023 9:51:31 PM

After the major (yet rewarding) process of migrating your old app to .NET, you may find yourself asking, "Now what?" The process doesn't end with successful migration; there are many …

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Topics:.NETcontinuous integrationci/cd

by DeeDee Walsh, on Jun 21, 2023 5:18:44 PM

Yesterday I heard from a social media friend (who will remain nameless) that he doesn't trust Blazor because it's from Microsoft and in his words "they'll abandon it for the …

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by John Browne, on Jun 12, 2023 12:13:55 PM

Matt Watson, AKA The Visionary CTO, has a thought-provoking post recently: "My 20 Year Career is Technical Debt or Deprecated." It's a good read and I recommend it highly. Short …

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Topics:application modernizationtechnical debt

by DeeDee Walsh, on May 23, 2023 9:42:09 PM

Join Jeff Fritz (@csharpfritz) on June 22nd and 23rd at 9am ET for an engaging, beginner-friendly, and comprehensive workshop on building web applications. This free two-day event, carefully curated to …

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by DeeDee Walsh, on May 10, 2023 2:04:42 PM

Unraveling the Ongoing Relevance of .NET As software development tools and technologies continue to evolve at a breakneck pace, it's critical to stay informed about the viability and relevance of …

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