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Migrating PowerBuilder to HTML: issues and answers

Posted by John Browne on Feb, 16, 2018 @ 16:02

4GLs were quite the thing in the 80s and 90s. Everybody either had one, sold one, or was talking about getting one. For a while, it seemed like actually writing code was going to be obsolete any minute now. Who needs programmers when you can drag and drop UI elements, set properties, and go to town?

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PowerBuilder yes no maybe

Posted by John Browne on Oct, 11, 2016 @ 18:10

Recently we announced the availability of a migration tool to move PowerBuilder apps to Java-based web apps. In a nutshell we migrate all the PB forms to HTML with Angular and Bootstrap for a nice responsive look&feel, hook up event handlers for all the controls, refactor the business logic into a Spring MVC pattern, and make it all work. Right now we have to run the tool for you (there's no product-level UI yet) but we've done this for a number of customer projects, some of which were very large. 

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PowerBuilder to Java/HTML5 Modernization

Posted by John Browne on Oct, 20, 2015 @ 10:10

The PowerBuilder to Java/HTML5 Migration is the leading way for migrating legacy PowerBuilder code to the Java framework and the most modern HTML5 portable UI. Our automated migration technology has migrated billions of lines of code, and is used by hundreds of thousands of developers.

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