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Legacy Application Modernization

GAP helps you drive your business’ digital transformation with guidance from our specialized team and proprietary Mobilize Modernization tools. GAP is the global leader in automated modernization tools and services aimed at legacy Windows and Java applications. We build the world’s highest fidelity source code understanding and translation technology, equipping expert developers with powerful tools for source code analysis, development, and transformation to modernize critical applications.

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Technologies We Work With

  Migration Services Offerings
Source Target Self-Serve License Green Code Engineering Ready Alpha/Beta Ready Production
VB6 C# / .NET Y Y Y Y Y
Web Code Dependent Y Y Y Y
C# Web Code Dependent Y Y Y Y
.NET C#/Web N Code Dependent Code Dependent Y Y
Powerbuilder Web Code Dependent Y Y Y Y
SilverLight Angular N N Code Dependent Y Y


Other technology migrations we offer:

  • Informix 4GL to Web
  • Unisys LINC to Web
  • Clarion to C# (Winforms)
  • MS Access to Web
  • ASP.NET Webforms to Web
  • Java to C#
  • Xamarin to Maui
  • Delphi to C#
  • And many others....

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GAP’s Growing Portfolio of Legacy Application Modernization Services

  • Effortlessly migrate VB6 to .NET Framework and Core with the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion
  • Automate the transformation of desktop application source code to web native, including apps written in C#, VB.NET, Silverlight, PowerBuilder and more with WebMAP
  • Inventory all your source code, regardless of programming language with RapidScan

Millions of developers have used GAP technology to successfully modernize billions of lines of code. Why? They can supercharge their efficiency with automation, converting 95% of data in a single process. That gives them up to 75% of their time back by not having to do all the work manually. And the best part? Automated modernization software doesn’t just save staff from having to do a manual rewrite — it saves businesses an average of 65% in costs.

You get to avoid the headache altogether while ensuring your business doesn’t get left behind. With GAP, you benefit from the collective expertise of our developers and tools.

Free code analysis
and cost estimates

RapidScan source code analyzer assesses the size and complexity of your VB6, C# Winforms, PowerBuilder, Silverlight, or ASP legacy application. A necessary first step in planning for a modernization project.

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Migration Blueprint

GAP has migrated thousands of legacy applications and built a bulletproof methodology for developing a custom migration program. Based on depth interviews and exhaustive analysis, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the Migration Blueprint.

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Engineering to Production Services

After a migration, organizations need ongoing services to fix bugs, add features, and integrate the newly modernized application with the rest of their products and systems. At GAP, our engineers continue to be available to help post migration so you have a 1-stop-solution for your complete migration and post migration needs.

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