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We have an engagement
model to fit your needs

DIY  Migration

You get a license to use the conversion tool, which preserves structure, comments, and mnemonic symbols for readability. In-line documentation and support facilitates remaining manual work.

Develop Ready

We optimize the tool for your code, with customizations as needed to guarantee minimum 80% code conversion (typical is 95%+). Correct syntax ensures output code will compile/build.

Test Ready

Major forms render and converted code runs basic scenarios sufficient to pass initial identified tests, ready for system QA and debugging.

Production Ready

GAP offers services to solve your biggest Software and Data Engineering challenges. We provide engineering teams that can flex to the size of your needs with the expertise required to get the job done right.

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GAP’s Growing Portfolio of App Migration Products

Target Platform Source Typical percent of code migrated by engagement level
License Only Develop Ready Test Ready Production Ready
Desktop .NET VB6 95% 20-60% 40-80% 100%
Web / Cloud .NET (+Angular) VB.NET NA 20-60% 40-80% 100%
VB6 92% 20-60% 40-80% 100%
C# 90% 20-60% 40-80% 100%
VB.NET NA NA 40-80% 100%
PowerBuilder NA 20-60% 40-80% 100%
Silverlight NA 20-60% 40-80% 100%
Access Forms NA NA NA 100%
ASP.NET webforms NA NA NA 100%
Classic ASP (-Angular) 95% 20-60%  40-80% 100%
Web / Cloud Java (+Angular) Unisys EAE (Linc) NA NA NA 100%
Informix 4GL 95% 90% 90% 100%
PowerBuilder 95% 20-60%  40-80% 100%


Free code analysis
and cost estimates

RapidScan source code analyzer assesses the size and complexity of your VB6, C# Winforms, PowerBuilder, Silverlight, or ASP legacy application. A necessary first step in planning for a modernization project

Application Assessments





Migration Blueprint

GAP has migrated thousands of legacy applications and built a bulletproof methodology for developing a custom migration program. Based on depth interviews and exhaustive analysis, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the Migration Blueprint.

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Engineering to Production Services

After a migration, organizations need ongoing services to fix bugs, add features, and integrate the newly modernized application with the rest of their products and systems. At GAP, our engineers continue to be available to help post migration so you have a 1-stop-solution for your complete migration and post migration needs.

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Mobilize.Net Migrations Services

Hybrid Teams for Software Engineering Services

Whether you need one person or an entire team, we're here to help you exceed your goals. Learn more about our remote teams on-demand and on-site team augmentation today.

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