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Application Migration Services

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Tailor Your Migration Solution to Fit Your Business Needs

Discover our range of migration services designed to meet your specific needs. From foundational migrations to turnkey solutions, we have the expertise to ensure a seamless transition for your legacy applications.

License Only

You get a license to use the conversion tool, which preserves structure, comments, and mnemonic symbols for readability. In-line documentation and support facilitates remaining manual work.

Engineering Ready

Our basic migration service. Provides migrated code that compiles, ready for your team to test and develop further.

Alpha / Beta Ready

Alpha: Foundational migration stabilizing the application and passing key test cases.

Beta: Near-complete readiness with critical functionalities tested and stabilized.

Production Ready

Comprehensive migration with full functionalities ready for immediate use.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Try our free code analysis tool for cost estimates.

RapidScan Source Code Analyzer evaluates the size and complexity of your VB6, C# Winforms, PowerBuilder, Silverlight, or ASP legacy applications. With a comprehensive inventory of your codebase, we can guide you in selecting the right products and services for your business. This is a crucial first step in planning your modernization project.

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Migration Blueprint

With over 25 years of experience in migrating thousands of legacy applications, GAP has perfected a bulletproof methodology for creating custom migration programs. Through in-depth interviews and comprehensive analysis, we guarantee your satisfaction with our Migration Blueprint.

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Engineering to Production Services

After a migration, organizations need ongoing services to fix bugs, add features, and integrate the newly modernized application with the rest of their products and systems. At GAP, our engineers continue to be available to help post migration so you have a 1-stop-solution for your complete migration and post migration needs.

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Hybrid Teams for Software Engineering Services

Whether you need one person or an entire team, we're here to help you exceed your goals. Learn more about our remote teams on-demand and on-site team augmentation today.

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