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Mobilize.Net Migration Blueprint Planning


Migration Blueprint

Mobilize.Net offers technology and services to support every stage of your digital transformation migration.


Migration experts lead you through the process

Under the guidance of our expert consultants, the Migration Blueprint program is a paid engagement where we develop a complete assessment of your business and technical environment. Through a combination of interviews with your team and both automated and manual inspections of your source code, we create an optimized plan for the migration.

We identify critical issues, and provide recommendations for the target architecture.  We also deliver a fixed - cost proposal and a project schedule. Even if you opt to tackle the actual migration without our help, you'll find the results of the Migration Blueprint program valuable in understanding the scope of the task and the issues you’ll face.

Four-phase, five day, tried and tested process.

  • Define project with stakeholders
  • Agree on vision and goals
  • Daily checkpoints to stay on track
  • Inventory application dependencies
  • Identify systems, database dependencies
  • Identify current and future architecture
  • Pinpoint user interface options
  • Evaluate company infrastructure
  • Examine architecture
  • Explore user requirements
  • Blueprint outlines detailed migration plan
  • Identifies risks and delivers mitigations
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Day 1

Kickoff meeting  1.5 hours
Understanding the environment 2.5 hours
Understanding the functionality of the app. 3.5 hours
Daily checkpoint meeting  0.5 hours

Day 2

Information gathering 7.5 hours
Daily checkpoint meeting 0.5 hours

Day 3

Information gathering 4 hours
Current architecture discussion 3.5 hours
Daily checkpoint meeting 0.5 hours

Day 4

Target architecture discussion 3 hours
Migration project analysis 3 hours
Test cases and testing policy review 1.5 hours
Daily checkpoint meeting 0.5 hours

Day 5

Technical requirements inventory and analysis 3 hours
User requirements inventory and analysis 3 hours
Final wrap up and results 2 hours


  • Kickstart your modernization effort via a custom migration plan delivered by industry experts.

  • Identify and resolve issues and reduce your migration risks.

  • See the whole picture across your IT infrastructure to understand the impact of the migration.

  • Benefit from the experience of thousands of enterprises’ migration projects.

  • Understand all of the details of your application and environment.

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