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Contact IMG - MobilizeNetEvery migration project is unique. Talk to an engineer about yours.

Let's get down to the details.

With over 30 years exclusively focused on code migration, no one has more experience or knowledge than our migration engineers, many of whom have been here 20 years and have collectively migrated over 100 million of lines of code. 

Whether you're still exploring options or deep in the weeds, a quick phone call with one of our engineers (not sales) can help clear things up.  Areas for discussion can include:

  • How to analyze your code base for size, complexity, and migration issues
  • Differences between your current language and platform and your desired one
  • How much automation you can expect and how much time it can save you
  • Architectural options for migrating components and unsupported features.

An application migration project is both complex and consequential. We strongly recommend you explore all options before you decide on a path forward. We're here to help you learn from our experience. 

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