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Mobilize.Net Case Studies

Mobilize.Net Case Studies

Mobilize.Net Legacy Modernization Tools are Trusted by 80% of the Global 2000

CaseStudy AgWorks


Agronomy software company AgWorks cuts development costs in half by using WebMAP automated migration technology. AgWorks moves VB6 app from desktop to cloud, taking advantage of substantial savings with Microsoft Azure implementation.

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National Systems Corporation

National Systems relied on WebMAP from Mobilize.Net to automate the re-architecture of their mission critical call-center application with high use and reliability requirements to an N-tier web architecture and HTML clients.

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Case Study CFM materials

cfm - materials

CFM Materials slashed migration time by a year. Moving a custom ERP system from VB6 to VB.NET quickly and efficiently.

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Hutchins Systems Inc.

Hutchins turned to WebMAP from Mobilize.Net to efficiently separate the code of their VB6 desktop application to an N-tier architecture with ASP.NET on the server and HTML5 clients.

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SSP chooses the most flexible, cost-effective and risk-free approach to migrate its 9.5M LOC application to .NET

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IFDS Percana

The Irish solution provider for the Life and Pensions industry used VBUC  to migrate their software quickly and cost-effectively while obtaining native, maintainable code that complies with their own programming conventions.

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Speed-IT chooses the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion to move its application to VB.NET. Mobilize.Net's unique VB to .NET migration product converted a container administration application. The .NET code generated from VBUC is high quality with no ties to extensive proprietary runtimes.

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This Bristol, UK-based ISV save d 14 developer/months while securing compliance for its customers by licensing the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion to cost-effectively migrate its flagship medical insurance application (Act-isure) from VB6 to VB.NET.

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Safeco and Microsoft used the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion to convert a large scale, real world application from VB6 to VB.NET. Safeco looked towards a VB to .NET migration to enhance performance and take advantage of .NET's improved development environment.

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Maritz Travel

Maritz Travel speeds customer site creation by converting from J2EE to C# and ASP.NET. 

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Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer licensed the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion to quickly and cost-effectively modernize its flagship accounting software product. 

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Central Bank of Costa Rica

Interbank Electronic Payment System Fast, Stable with Visual Basic .NET and SQL Server 2000 . 

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VBUC migrated a very complex application. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the most challenging markets for software developing firms. The only way to protect your competitive edge is to offer ever more superior features to users. 

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CaseStudy Freeway

Freeway Corporation

VBUC helps Freeway move a mission critical project

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HSI leapfrogs over competition by migrating their LatNav application from VB6 to C#

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MDA Property Systems

South African ISV painlessly ensures business continuity by licensing the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion. 

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Case study Vertex


Vertex ensures compliance and business continuity by upgrading its Omiga application from VB to .NET

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Banamex - Citigroup

Banamex, a leading Mexican bank and part of Citigroup, migrated over 5 million lines of code from VB6 and ASP to C# and ASP.NET using the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion, in compliance with all corporate policies set for quality assurance and information security.

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