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Case Study: AgWorks

AgWorks used Mobilize.Net automated migration technology to move its VB6 app to web and cloud


AgWorks cuts costs for Azure enablement in half by using WebMAP automated migration technology


The Problem

AgWorks, an agronomy software company with over 450 locations across 27 states needed to move their VB6 app from a desktop environment to an Azure-ready cloud environment. AgWorks handles agronomy operations for the nation’s largest agronomy retail businesses. They do fertilizer and crop protection sales and applications for farmers. Their customers are billion dollar companies and use the software solution to handle millions of transactions.

The Goal

AgWorks needed their software to be bulletproof, with no margin for error. The VB6 app was required to work on desktop platforms as well as out in the field in a cloud-based environment. They did an internal review of all the options available before turning to Moblilize.Net and our WebMAP tool. They chose to take advantage of substantial savings by implementing Microsoft Azure.

The Challenge

Using WebMAP is 4 times less expensive than a ground-up rewrite. Additionally, new code contains on average between 10-50 bugs per 1000 lines of code (KLOC). With 137,000 lines of VB6 code to convert to HTML5, Mobilize.Net provided AgWorks with a simple and flexible deployment of their app with a proven architecture that is cloud-enabled, Azure-ready.

The Result

Mobilize.Net provided AgWorks with a fixed-price project and a guaranteed delivery date, which they hit. 

Now AgWorks customers can use the AgWorks solution with little or no IT support and work from any connected or disconnected device.

Less expensive
Better Code
“Mobilize.Net has done so many modernizations – they have a total command of the modernization domain space.”

Greg Duhachek,
CEO at AgWorks,

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