Migration services to expedite your modernization project.

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Mobilize.Net migration services eradicate technical debt.


Migration services expedite your modernization project

Mobilize.Net offers a proven modernization methodology that guarantees your migration project will be risk-free, predictable, on-budget, at-quality and on schedule. Mobilize.Net automated legacy migration software provides the foundation for successful modernization.

The Mobilize.Net Services team has completed thousands of migrations - and because we only do application modernization, our expertise goes deeper than consulting companies or systems integrators. 

Many IT organizations and ISVs lack the excess capacity and specific experience to perform application modernization projects quickly and efficiently. Mobilize.Net has over 15 years experience doing client migration projects. We are experts in our own tools, as well as the differences between legacy languages like VB6, PowerBuilder, and Silverlight and modern platforms like .NET and web native components. 

Mobilize.Net has an engagement model to fit your needs. We can perform a complete turnkey project or partial migration--for example, getting the migrated application to compile but you do the V&V process. 

And, of course, the tools are available for you to DIY the project in conjunction with our outstanding support programs. 

Migration experts lead you through the process
Migration experts lead you through the process

Our service options are flexible to fit your budget:

  • Fully functional, tested application on the new platform
  • Code and forms migration
  • Code conversion only
  • Comprehensive migration plans
  • Free code analysis and cost estimates.
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Migration services scale from analysis to full project delivery and more

Application Assessments

Mobilize.Net source code analyzer assesses the size and complexity of your VB6, C# Winforms, PowerBuilder, Silverlight, or ASP legacy application. A necessary first step in planning for a modernization project.

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Migration Blueprint

Mobilize.Net has migrated thousands of legacy applications and built a bulletproof methodology for developing a custom migration program. Based on depth interviews and exhaustive analysis, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the Migration Blueprint.

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Post Migration Services

After a migration, organizations need ongoing services to fix bugs, add features, and integrate the newly modernized application with the rest of their products and systems. At Mobilize.Net, our engineers continue to be available to help post migration so you have a 1-stop-solution for your complete migration and post migration needs.

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Analyze, prioritize, and modernize your legacy application portfolio. PortfolioMAP is a data driven, top-down approach to analyzing, prioritizing, and modernizing your legacy applications across the enterprise.

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Migrate to Snowflake

Move off expensive on-prem appliances and put your data in Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud. Mobilize.Net's automated migration tools and services move your Teradata and Oracle scripts and stored procedures to the cloud for more bang for less buck.

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Migration services expedite your modernization project


Mobilize.Net Migration Blueprint Process