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Mobilize.Net has an engagement model to fit your needs. We can perform a complete turnkey project or partial migration, for example, getting the migrated application to compile but you do the verification and validation process. And, of course, the tools are available for you to DIY the project in conjunction with our outstanding support programs.

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Now is the time to modernize your data warehouse. The cloud is here, and there's a good chance your workloads have never needed it more. Mobilize.Net can accelerate the migration of any workload to Snowflake. Now that they have completed an incredible IPO, Snowflake is poised to be the leading cloud based data platform for years to come

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Mobilize.Net has an engagement
model to fit your needs



You get a license to use the conversion tool, which preserves structure, comments, and mnemonic symbols for readability. In-line documentation and support facilitates remaining manual work.



Mobilize.Net optimizes the tool for your code, with customizations as needed to guarantee minimum 80% code conversion (typical is 95%+). Correct syntax ensures output code will compile/build.



Mobilize.Net guarantees major forms render and converted code runs basic scenarios sufficient to pass initial identified tests, ready for system QA and debugging.



Mobilize.Net guarantees 100% migration with all agreed test cases passing. Includes warranty period to address any functional equivalence issues.

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Free code analysis and cost estimates

Mobilize.Net source code analyzer assesses the size and complexity of your VB6, C# Winforms, PowerBuilder, Silverlight, or ASP legacy application. A necessary first step in planning for a modernization project.

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SnowConvert for Teradata Assessment Tool

Got Teradata? Thinking about Snowflake? Try the free SnowConvert for Teradata Assessment Tool. This assessment will give you an inventory of any objects present in your code, a lineage of how those objects are dependent upon each other, and a summary of how much of your code was converted with detailed analysis to help you understand how much work is remaining to complete your migration. There's no lines of code limit, so give it a shot!

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