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Looking for the right Application Technology and Security Assessments?

Tech Due Diligence for Devs: Avoid Costly Mistakes

  • Pre-Acquisition Audits: Buying a new tool or library? We'll dissect it - security, scalability, hidden gotchas – so you know what you're getting into.

  • Legacy App Cleanup: Tech debt slowing you down? We'll assess your codebase, pinpoint bottlenecks, and map out a smarter upgrade path.

  • No BS, Just Code: Our engineers cut through the marketing hype. You get actionable insights, not sales pitches.

Why Technical Debt is a Drag (and How We Help)

We all know that feeling – inheriting a Frankenstein project, patching over old shortcuts, or hitting that wall where it'd be faster to rewrite than refactor.

Tech debt happens. But when it piles up, it crushes productivity, makes innovation harder, and can even expose you to security risks.

Our assessments help you:

  • Quantify the Real Cost: How much is that old codebase really holding you back?
  • Prioritize Smart Refactors: Focus on the fixes with the highest ROI for your specific needs.
  • Avoid Future Headaches: Prevent new tech debt from creeping into your projects.

We're engineers, not salespeople. Let's talk about fixing your tech stack.

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Why Choose Our Technology Security Assessments?

Whether evaluating new technology for acquisition or updating internal applications, we offer independent technology assessments tailored to your needs. Our experts dive deep into ten key areas, providing the insights needed to make strategic "GO or NO GO" decisions.

As your unbiased partner, GAP delivers thorough, impartial reviews and actionable recommendations for major technology evaluations.

  • Unbiased guidance from expert engineers
  • On-demand technology diligence
  • Trusted partners with your needs in mind

Modernize Your Business by Reducing Technical Debt

If your company has made too many tradeoffs to speed up time to market, you likely have accumulated technical debt, affecting scalability, security, usability, and maintainability. These compromises, whether intentional or accidental, can result in a functional but suboptimal application.

Technical debt can accumulate over time, often hidden until it causes significant issues like scalability bugs or overly complex algorithms. It's time to address these past mistakes.

Partnering with GAP will help address technical debt ensures long-term success and scalability.

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Mobilize.Net Migrations Testimonials

GAP offers valuable technology and services that help customers easily modernize their legacy applications for use on today’s modern platforms and devices program at Microsoft.

- Shawn Nandi, Sr Director, Cloud App Development, Data & AI Marketing

GAP has a strong track record of building products that successfully automate challenging source code migrations, and this partnership will empower our customers.

- Chris Degnan, CRO, Snowflake

By using GAP's proven conversion tools and staff, we are able to do this much faster than a manual conversion. This is not simply a move of NextGen to a remote server, but a true conversion to a cloud environment.

- Bruce Collier, President, Local Government Corporation