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Calling all cobalt programmers

Posted by John Browne on Apr, 06, 2020 @ 15:04

You know you're in trouble when your critical legacy system is so old no one remembers the name of the language...

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Topics: Digital Transformation

The top 5 reasons not to move your desktop apps to Citrix

Posted by John Browne on Apr, 01, 2020 @ 05:04

The author diligently working from home.

Citrix was recently in the news for both good reasons and bad ones. Their stock price is soaring as people suddenly have to work from home to avoid spreading the coronavirus. And a United States Senator is coming under scrutiny for buying a lot of Citrix right after a committee briefing on the pandemic. 

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Topics: application modernization, desktop apps, Citrix, virtualization

Our statement on the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by John Browne on Mar, 18, 2020 @ 05:03

These are extraordinary times.

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Topics: COVID-19

Windows Update Kills VB6 Apps

Posted by John Browne on Feb, 13, 2020 @ 17:02

Not going to bury this lead1: Microsoft's latest update has stopped some VB6 apps from working. 

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Topics: Visual Basic, Microsoft, Windows security, VBUC, application security

The real reason the Iowa Caucus app didn't work

Posted by John Browne on Feb, 08, 2020 @ 12:02

February 6, 2020:

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Topics: software development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Transformation

What's the deal with Windows 7 end of support?

Posted by John Browne on Jan, 16, 2020 @ 17:01

Alas Windows 7, we hardly knew ye.

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Topics: Windows 7, End of support

My 5 best books of 2019

Posted by John Browne on Dec, 20, 2019 @ 12:12

Spoiler alert: this has nothing to do with app modernization.

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Topics: Off topic

Guess the M&Ms: a data analysis

Posted by John Browne on Nov, 25, 2019 @ 10:11

Microsoft Ignite is the largest (in attendance) Microsoft event; we were there with a big jar of Peanut M&Ms (r).

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Topics: #msignite

These are the sessions you need to attend at Ignite 2019

Posted by John Browne on Oct, 14, 2019 @ 07:10

I know, I know. You still haven't waded through all the archived sessions from last month's .NET Conf and here I am talking about Ignite, which is only about a little over three weeks away.

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Topics: #msignite

Let's talk .NET Core

Posted by John Browne on Sep, 23, 2019 @ 06:09

If you develop for Windows you have to know about .NET Core (and if you don't develop for Windows why the heck are you reading this blog?). Well, in case you've been under heavy sedation, let me fill you in: .NET Core is the open source version of the .NET Framework, giving it reach from Windows to Linux and MacOS. Up to now, .NET Core has been interesting only to people who wanted to develop for UWP or ASP.NET but that's all changed with Version 3, which is available as a release candidate now. Among other goodies are support for C# 8.0, ReadyToRun (R2R) executables, and support for Winforms and WPF apps.

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Topics: dotnet