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Best Practices for a Successful Code Migration

Why C# Reigns Supreme In .NET

The Saga of .NET Core and ASP.NET Core

Consuming WCF Services in .NET 8 (.NET Core is no more!)

To Upgrade .NET 6 to .NET 8 or Not: Is it Worth the Leap?

Integrating .NET 8 with Snowflake

The Misnomer of Prompt Engineering

The Case for AI-Based Semantic Pattern Matching

Migrating Clarion to .NET 8

.NET 8 is here, it's sweet, and we can get you there

VBUC 10 unblocks VB6 modernization

Is a legacy rewrite the right choice for you?

The Magic Behind .NET 8 Code Analyzers ✨

How to choose a modernization approach

A Sneak Peek into .NET MAUI 8

A is for Awesome as in SASS

Here's the list of what's in .NET 8

.NET Conf: Your Virtual Passport to the .NET Universe

The Importance and Essentials of Cloud Landing Zones

How Reference Architecture Can  Jumpstart AWS, Azure and Snowflake Adoption

So, You've Migrated Your Old App to .NET - Here's What's Next

Why You Should Trust Blazor

Will your entire career be technical debt?

Free Web App and Blazor Workshop with Jeff Fritz (csharpfritz)

Is .NET Still a Legitimate Technology in 2023?

Mediocre programming, carburetors, and ChatGPT

Can ChatGPT modernize my VB6 app?

Who's Smarter? Me or GitHub Copilot - Generative AI in Programming

Should you adopt .NET 7 or wait for .NET 8?

Say it with me "Silverlight is dead"

React vs Blazor: What you said

Moving ASP.NET Web Forms to ASP.NET Core 7

Mirroring the RESET WHEN Functionality to Snowflake

Translate the Teradata Period Data Type to Snowflake

.NET 7 Here we come!

VBUC 9.4 released

Automating Migration from PySpark to Snowpark

CI / CD for Snowpark

How to migrate ASP.NET Web Forms to Angular and .NET Core

PySpark Assessment and Inventory

So you want to run Spark with Snowflake?

Using BlackDiamond Studio to Assess Snowflake Migrations

Migrating Teradata BTEQ to Snowflake Scripting

Custom Exception Handling in Snowflake Scripting

Can I use my .egg files in Snowpark?

Lost in the Snowpark?

Handling month or day names in different languages in Snowflake

Anonymization/masking of data in SnowPark

Using Airflow with Snowpark

Write a Python UDF for Snowflake with BlackDiamond Studio

If Statements Within Scalar Functions From T-SQL to Snowflake

Snowflake Scala UDF Using BlackDiamond Studio

Everything old is new again

Migrating Scalar Functions from T-SQL to Snowflake

Comparing Snowflake SQL and JavaScript Procedures

Spark to Snowpark Migration Guide

An Easy Way to Set Up Stage Tables for Snowpipe

Unpivot in Teradata and Snowflake

Migrating Data from Oracle to Snowflake

How to use '$$' inside a Snowflake procedure

Snowflake Data Lake Tips for Supporting Data Ingestion

Announcing SQL Server to Snowflake Migration Solutions

Snowflake plus Snowpark

Welcome Snowflake Scripting!

Announcing Oracle to Snowflake Migration Solutions

All VBUC release notes

Three great reasons not to use Mobilize.Net

How to Alter Column Datatypes in Snowflake

Migrating ActiveX FarPoint Spread Grid Designer

Cloud Data Warehouse Explained

Manual rewrite vs automated migration: a case study

Converting VB6 apps with external COM classes to C# or VB.NET

The Right Partner in Any Migration to Snowflake

What's new in VBUC 9.2?

Automation in a Successful Migration to Snowflake

How to stabilize a VBUC migrated application

Where are legacy applications found?

Converting ASP.NET Web Forms to .NET Core, Angular & HTML5

Getting off Microsoft Silverlight for good

Can I use WCF in .NET Core .NET6

SnowConvert for Teradata - Free Code Assessment Tool

Migrating ASP.NET MVC app to .NET Core | Mobilize.Net

SpaceX success proves software rewrites are a terrible idea

Power BI Prompts for a User to Input Parameter with Power BI Template

Let's migrate VB6 to .NET 5

The Hard Problem in Database Migrations

It's past time to ditch VB6

Analyze your source code with RapidScan from Mobilize.Net

Snowflake IPO sets the bar for the future of cloud data platforms

Digital transformation requires Agile and DevOps

Migrating Silverlight to Angular

Migrate VB6 to .NET Core with VBUC 8.3

Different SQL Table Definitions in Teradata & Snowflake

Migrating VB.NET to C#: it's a non-trivial problem

Using COM in .NET Core

Python Connector to Create Database Tables in Snowflake

Using App Center with modernized legacy VB6 or PowerBuilder

How legacy applications block digital transformation

Using the Snowflake Python Connector to Directly Load Data

Docker container with Windows Authentication

Overcoming the Filesize Limit Using the Snowflake GUI

Full List of Mobilize.Net GitHub Repos

What’s blocking digital transformation?

This Website. New. Again.

Run your SQL Server MDF file inside a linux Docker Container

Command line Parameters modernized to ASP.NET Core

What does digital transformation look like?

Convert Teradata SQL & Stored Procedures to Snowflake

Visualize DI dependencies in ASP.NET Core DI Container.

The fourth wave of computing

Calling 64 bit code from a 32 bit VB6 application

Announcing Mobilize.Net plus Snowflake: Marriage Made in the Cloud

Calling all cobalt programmers

The top 5 reasons not to move your desktop apps to Citrix

ASP Classic Journeys: no-store

Migrating WebForms to Blazor (including sample code & survey!)

Our statement on the COVID-19 pandemic

The Life Cycle of a Migration Project

Windows Update Kills VB6 Apps

The real reason the Iowa Caucus app didn't work

Why pay for the VBUC when I can use the VS2008 Upgrade Wizard?

A world of difference between VB6 and .NET | Mobilize.Net

What's the deal with Windows 7 end of support?

Compilation delivery level

My 5 best books of 2019

How to Upgrade ASP.NET Core 2.2 to .NET Core 3.1 LTS

Accessing local devices from a Web Application

Guess the M&Ms: a data analysis

Dynamically adding ActiveX in C# an equivalent for VBControlExtender

Move to Web to the Desktop or just Both

How to make your frontend point  to different  backends?

Visual Equivalence on a migration project

These are the sessions you need to attend at Ignite 2019

From VB6 to .NET Core 3

Let's talk .NET Core

Adding references to Mobilize helpers source code (VB6 to .NET)

Security or app continuity? An open letter to CIOs

Pitfalls of software development

VB strikes again

Bye Bye VBScript

VBUC Expert Mode

Where is my business logic when migrating to Winforms?

Casamba takes a different path to app modernization

Forget GOT, we've got Build videos!

What we talk about when we talk about application modernization

Visual Studio 2019 is here!

Migrating PowerBuilder DataWindows to web (part 3)

Migrating PowerBuilder DataWindows to Web (Part 2)

Migrating PowerBuilder DataWindows to Web

Should you modify a VB6 app while migrating to .NET?

VB6 to Docker Part 4

VB6 to Docker Part 3

VB6 to Docker Part 2

VB6 to Docker Tutorial

Visual Studio Extensions and #CodeParty | Mobilize.Net

Aucotec converts VB6 to C#

Announcing Syncfusion support for WebMAP

Did you miss .NET Conf 2018? Here's a recap!

VBUC 8.1: First step to Azure DevOps

Everything you wanted to know about .NET & more at .NET Conf

We did it! Microsoft Inspire Twitter Party and more #MSInspireDev

WebMAP: changing the Kendo theme

Modifying a WebMAP5 app

WebMAP app architecture part 3

Best of Build 2018 #MSBuild

Best of Build Day 3

Best of Build Day 2

Best of Build 2018 Day 1

Introducing WebMAP5

Microsoft Build 2018 - Here we come!

Solving the legacy database problem

Adding barcode scanning to a web app with LEADTOOLS

Migrating PowerBuilder to HTML: issues and answers

Cloud app modernization: fact or fiction?

GDPR and cybersecurity: it's EU smackdown time!

Best Mobilize.Net Blog Posts of 2017

A Christmas Carol circa 2017

True cost of rewriting software: some reflections

DevOps for legacy code

Is DevOps for you?

Best of Microsoft Connect(); 2017

New announcements at Connect();

Announcing VBUC 8.0

Syncfusion and WebMAP

The Best of Connect(); 2016

(.NET) App Security - What every dev needs to know

Classic ASP: threat or menace?

Best Developer Content in the Past Two Weeks | Mobilize.Net

.NET: what lies ahead?

What can we learn from Equifax?

Dude, where's my state? (part 1)

MVC and WebMAP

WebMAP basics--Dude, where's my state?

VB6 to .NET: missing a reference?

Best of Mobilize blog

VB6 to microservices: is it even a thing?

Ransomware hack: what we can learn about VB6

Proven tips for application modernization

Ditch VB6 with the "VB6 Migration Jumpstart Guide"

Mobilize.Net announces new tool for modernization support

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