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to native .NET 8 code or web.

Fill out the form to download VBUC with your free trial license to modernize up to 10,000 lines of VB6 to VB.NET or C# using .NET 8. Note the trial version is for evaluation purposes only. 

VBUC Free Trial

You can also download over 20MB of sample code to play with:

      • Controls: a VB6 app showing a variety of controls that you can migrate with the trial version of the VBUC.
      • Salmon King Seafood (SKS): a VB6 ERP system for a fictional seafood wholesale company. Comes with the following versions:
        • VB6 version with Microsoft Access database (*.mdb file)
        • C#/.NET 8 version after migration with VBUC (you can run the same migration with the trial)
        • Modern web version using ASP.NET 8 Core and Angular on the client. This was migrated with WebMAP.

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Call us at +1.425.609.8458 to talk to a migration engineer about your project or post your questions in our support forums.

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