WebMAP 4.0

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Transform your classic Windows apps to the web, mobile devices & the cloud.

How does it work?

WebMAP 4.0 preserves your investment in existing applications and transforms them to web and mobile versions
      – without costly runtimes.
Your App.New. Again.


Hands down it's the fastest way to move from Windows desktop   to a modern web application.

You get new source code – without introducing defects in existing business logic – using modern languages, components, and patterns.

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Automation strips out Windows UI code and converts it to HTML/JS;

backend code is converted to ASP.NET/MVC pattern, leaving business logic intact.

 Go from this to this with WebMAP
A new web application based on modern, maintainable source code.

Code you can read with no legacy artifacts; code ready for maintenance and enhancements in a fraction of the time – and without the risk – inherent in a ground-up rewrite.

Many users are shackled to aging PC platforms by legacy Windows apps, blocked from the promise of cloud and mobile.

WebMAP changes that. Now you can modernize legacy apps to a modern web app architecture, without runtimes.

WebMAP Supports VS 2017

Future-proof your valuable apps with WebMAP

AgWorks, LLC


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Hutchins Systems

Check out what other customers have to say about WebMAP

"Mobilize technology is actually cheaper than a manual rewrite in time and dollars. It cut our costs in half."

Greg Duhachek 
CEO AgWorks

"WebMAP automated migration is faster and lower cost than a manual rewrite would have incurred." 

Alan Lawrence 
Head of Development, Fidessa Buy-side


"Mobilize.Net’s WebMAP technology accelerates customers’ ability to move to Microsoft Azure"

Shawn Nandi 
Senior Director,Microsoft