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Cross-Language Code Understanding

Code Understanding. What does that actually mean? For us here at Mobilize.Net, delivering understanding means more than code analysis. Code Understanding is understanding the state of your codebase and the opportunities present for optimization, performance improvements, and workflow enhancements. This means understanding your codebase's semantics plus the context of your code's place and purpose in your data platform. Understanding how your codebase interacts with your database is one of the foundational pillars of BlackDiamond.

Currently, BlackDiamond Studio has the ability to produce an object inventory and a dependency analysis for any code targeted at Snowflake. You can try it out today by signing up for a free account with BlackDiamond Studio, and reviewing our documentation on the extended metadata analysis features available. 

Dependency graph between procedural code (in this example, written in JavaScript embedded as a Snowflake procedure) represented by green triangles, data objects (in this example, tables) represented as blue squares, and the database where those objects reside represented by red circles.

Available Now!

What do you get today if you login to BlackDiamond Studio and run the code analyzer? Let's take a look:

  • Object Inventory: An inventory of all code and data objects present in your codebase. Your source code is scanned, and any objects created or referenced are inventoried. This includes tables, views, procedures, functions, and any other scripts you may have present in your codebase.
  • Dependency List: An inventory of all dependencies present in the scanned codebase. This is not found from pulling the metadata from your data platform, but is found by scanning the source code. This allows BlackDiamond Insights to generate dependencies across procedures, functions, and other scripts. In other words, this is not limited to tables and view.

This is just the first level. This kind of deep semantic understanding will only improve as we analyze more and more of the available code.


Running the code analyzer in the IDE in BlackDiamond Studio

Multiple Languages Supported

What languages are supported now? Another great question:

  • Snowflake SQL
  • JavaScript procedures embedded in Snowflake SQL
  • Teradata SQL and BTEQ
  • Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
  • SQL Server SQL and TSQL
  • Spark Scala and Snowpark Scala

This is only the beginning of the kind of exploration that Mobilize.Net can provide when it comes to code understanding and analysis. There is plenty more to come, so stay tuned.


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Mobilize.Net Migrations Testimonials

Mobilize.Net offers valuable technology and services that help customers easily modernize their legacy applications for use on today’s modern platforms and devices program at Microsoft.

- Shawn Nandi, Sr Director, Cloud App Development, Data & AI Marketing

Mobilize.Net has a strong track record of building products that successfully automate challenging source code migrations, and this partnership will empower our customers with the technology to get up and running on Snowflake sooner.

- Chris Degnan, CRO, Snowflake

By using Mobilize.Net’s proven conversion tools and staff, we are able to do this much faster than a manual conversion. This is not simply a move of NextGen to a remote server, but a true conversion to a cloud environment.

- Bruce Collier, President, Local Government Corporation