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The best available tools to perform code migrations from a source database or Spark application to Snowflake.

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There are countless ways to take advantage of BlackDiamond Studio and SnowConvert.

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Introducing BlackDiamond Studio

BlackDiamond Studio

Expert Developer Tools for Snowflake



BlackDiamond Studio is the only tool you need
 to get the most out of your Snowflake account.

A code repository connected to your Snowflake account with instant support for coding SQL as well as Scala and Python (using the Snowpark API)...? 

Sign me up. There’s no commitment and the beta version is free to everyone.

Fastest On-Ramp to Snowpark


Hearing a lot about Snowpark? Wondering how to get an environment setup to run Scala and Python with the Snowpark API?

BlackDiamond Studio has already done the work for you. When you create a new project, you will have a connected git repository (connect your own or have one created for you) with the ability to deploy code to a Spark cluster or utilize the Snowpark API to deploy directly to Snowflake. The Studio will have multiple template files to allow you to directly run your build as a stored procedure or UDF. SnowConvert for Spark Scala and SnowConvert for PySpark are fully integrated with BlackDiamond Studio, so you can convert your Spark application over to Snowpark.

Check out our detailed documentation to learn more.

Why BlackDiamond Studio?

BlackDiamond Studio is the collection of best of breed tools, optimized and integrated together for Snowflake. These tools span migration, development, analysis, testing, and deployment to Snowflake regardless of whether you're using SQL, JavaScript, Python, Scala, or any other language for development in Snowflake.  It is your one stop shop for development in Snowflake.

Here are just a few of the capabilities built into BlackDiamond Studio:

Edit, Debug, and Deploy

BlackDiamond Studio has a full version of VS Cloud hosted in a the cloud as an IDE. This allows the user to edit, debug, and deploy code for Snowflake across multiple languages with rollover intelligence and reporting optimized for use with Snowflake. 



Mobilize.Net are the experts at code migrations having migrated literally billions of lines of code from one source to another. That expertise is built into SnowConvert, and SnowConvert is built into BlackDiamond Studio.

Convert from a source data warehouse or Spark application automatically with the highest level of functional equivalence.


Source Code Management


BlackDiamond Studio is designed to support your ability to develop seamless CI/CD pipelines. As a result, the Studio is fully integrated with a Git repository. The edits you make in the IDE are automatically updated in your code repo. Have an existing Spark application? Take the source code you already have and run it in BlackDiamond Studio, convert it with SnowConvert, and deploy the output directly to Snowflake all from the same repository.

You can connect an existing repository or have a new one created for you by BlackDiamond Studio. Any users of your repo can also access the repository through the project portal in BlackDiamond Studio. Visit the BlackDiamond Studio documentation to learn more about setting up a connection to your repository.

Dependency Analysis

Mobilize.Net has pioneered code migration tooling over the past 25 years, but any and every good migration comes with an excellent initial analysis. The ability to generate this analysis is being built into BlackDiamond Studio. Get an inventory of database objects present in a codebase regardless of whether it's Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, or Snowflake. You can also generate a dependency list of any references to other objects found in existing views, procedures, and/or functions. Check out our detailed documentation to learn more.