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WebMap-LogoConvert Clarion Code to Modern Web and Cloud

WebMAP for Clarion modernizes legacy Clarion 4GL applications. 

Clarion 4GL dates back to the 1980s and through the 1990s was a popular development tool for database-driven applications. Today Clarion is legacy (although still available and supported) and is no longer considered a mainstream development platform.

WebMAP for Clarion converts all Clarion code and objects into C#, Angular, and ASP.NET Core for a native web application using modern languages and platforms.

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Code Organization

  • C# uses classes, methods, and namespaces.
  • Clarion uses MAP structures to organize code. In C#, MAP transforms into classes and methods.


  • C# uses methods within classes.
  • Clarion procedures are converted to C# methods.


  • C# uses attributes and annotations.
  • Relevant Clarion attributes are converted to C# attributes or annotations.

Data Structures

  • C# provides a wide range of data structures.
  • WebMAP transforms Clarion data structures into C# data structures or custom classes.

File Organization

  • C# organizes code into classes and files.
  • Clarion code is reorganized into C# classes, namespaces, and files.


  • C# supports inheritance and polymorphism.
  • If applicable, model class inheritance and polymorphism are implemented in C#.
Key features of WebMAP for Clarion: 
  • Converts Clarion applications to modern web architectures: WebMAP automates the process of converting legacy Clarion applications to modern web architectures like ASP.NET Core, Angular, or React, which are more maintainable and scalable.
  • Separates the business layer (C#) from the HTML markup so the code is more readable and maintainable.
  • Preserves existing business logic: WebMAP ensures that the business logic embedded in the legacy applications remains intact during the migration process, minimizing the need for extensive retesting or redevelopment.
  • Reduces manual effort: By automating much of the migration process, WebMAP significantly reduces the time and effort required for the migration, allowing developers to focus on more value-added tasks like optimizing the user experience and improving application performance.
  • Provides a maintainable and extensible codebase: The generated code from WebMAP is readable, maintainable, and adheres to modern development standards, making it easier for developers to maintain and extend the application in the future.
  • Enhances application security: Migrating to a modern web architecture improves application security by taking advantage of the latest security features and best practices available in the new frameworks.

WebMAP for Clarion enables organizations to modernize legacy applications, improve maintainability and security, and leverage the latest web development technologies to stay competitive in the market.

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Lightweight performant apps

Automation strips out Clarion UI code and converts it to Angular with HTML CSS, and JSON; backend code is converted to ASP.NET Core, leaving business logic intact.
A new web application based on modern, maintainable source code.

  • Code you can read with no legacy artifacts.
  • Code ready for maintenance and enhancements in a fraction of the time – and without the risk inherent in a ground-up rewrite.

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Automation cuts risk and time

Our AI-assisted cloud application migration tools cut project workload by 4X. Tamper-free business logic migration reduces overall defect risk. Optional fixed-price projects eliminate financial risk.

Built on familiar standards to a modern web app

Code you’ll understand, built with C#, HTML, Angular, CSS, ASP.NET Core, and more. No magic runtimes, no long-term costs like with virtualization. You get new code you can use.