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Migrating from one data warehouse to another is a painstaking, detail-oriented process. It requires the right plan and the right tools. Mobilize.Net has both. See our tools in action by watching our co-webinar with Snowflake on ensuring successful migrations from Teradata to Snowflake. If you're looking for a solution for the entire migration process, check out Mobilize.Net's complete migration services. But if you're looking for a product that solves the hard problem in a migration from Teradata to Snowflake, Mobilize.Net SnowConvert for Teradata is the right solution. 

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Want to learn more about your Teradata instance and see how much of it can be converted automatically? SnowConvert for Teradata populates a set of invaluable assessment reports on your codebase. This assessment will give you an inventory of any objects present in your code, and a detailed analysis of what can be automated with enough information to help you understand how much work is remaining to complete your migration. There's no expiration date and no size or lines of code limit on any assessment you run with SnowConvert. Get started using SnowConvert for Teradata today!


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>1.5 billion
lines of code converted


>30 million objects


Average level of automation for initial workloads is 96.45%.


Median level of automation for initial workloads is 99%.

Deep Semantic Analysis

SnowConvert automates all pieces of the code conversion process. Whether it's DDL, DML, stored procedures or proprietary scripts like BTEQ, FastLoad, or MultiLoad we've seen it all... and converted it all. As a close partner with Snowflake, Mobilize.Net creates functionally equivalent Snowflake code from the source Teradata code. Check out the aggregate numbers from SnowConvert for Teradata for the past year to the left.

SnowConvert is not a glorified find and replace or regex tool, but rather a tool that builds code understanding of the source. Our conversion secret sauce includes the creation of an abstract syntax tree (AST) and a complete symbol table for each codebase analyzed by the tool. Watch our demo of SnowConvert for Teradata to see how it all works.

Target Conversion Architecture

Mobilize.Net SnowConvert for Teradata converts Teradata SQL, sprocs, and proprietary scripts to the most functionally equivalent code in Snowflake. Specifically:

  • Teradata SQL (*.sql) statements converted to Snowflake SQL
  • Stored procedures (*.sql) converted to JavaScript
  • BTEQ files (*.bteq) converted to Python
  • Other supported extensions: Fastload (*.fl, *.fload) and Multiload(*.ml, *.mload)

Note that the source to target code pairs were developed in partnership with Snowflake Professional Services. As a result, you can expect the output to be as functionally equivalent in Snowflake as the original was in Teradata. 


Sprocs and Scripts

Mobilize.Net automates the hard problems of sProcs and proprietary script conversions in a database migration. Most conversion specialists will claim to provide tooling to automate your bteq and scripts to Snowflake, but end up providing only DDL automation. Mobilize.Net automates all of it. Everything... and you can learn more about how Mobilize.Net fits code conversions into a complete strategy for migrating legacy data warehouses to the Snowflake Data Cloud by visiting our database migration services page.

Teradata to Snowflake
Migrate Teradata to Snowflake

Mobilize.Net offers valuable technology and services that help customers easily modernize their legacy applications for use on today’s modern platforms and devices program at Microsoft.

- Shawn Nandi, Sr Director, Cloud App Development, Data & AI Marketing

Mobilize.Net has a strong track record of building products that successfully automate challenging source code migrations, and this partnership will empower our customers with the technology to get up and running on Snowflake sooner.

- Chris Degnan, CRO, Snowflake

By using Mobilize.Net’s proven conversion tools and staff, we are able to do this much faster than a manual conversion. This is not simply a move of NextGen to a remote server, but a true conversion to a cloud environment.

- Bruce Collier, President, Local Government Corporation