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Thinking about upgrading your data warehouse? Ready to build a partnership to take your workload(s) to the cloud? Mobilize.Net has the tools to get you started. Learn more about overcoming the pain points in a migration by viewing our co-webinar with Snowflake Professional Services. (Or you can watch a recording of a webinar we conducted that gives an overview of the migration process.) You can also watch the demo of Mobilize.Net's latest automated data migration product below. If you're looking to talk through your project, fill out the form to the right to talk to an engineer, and get an assessment of your data migration project. There's a lot of growth over at Snowflake right now. Get up to speed with the resources that Mobilize.Net can provide. Read below the demo video to learn more about the work Mobilize.Net is doing to automate the migration process.


Transition to the cloud with Mobilize.Net

Get your data to the cloud has been the cry of every article and expert around the globe since the cloud became… well, the cloud. But that transition is much easier said (or… written about) than done. Getting from the stability and perceived security of on-prem servers to the freedom, flexibility, and downright usefulness of the cloud can be daunting. Mobilize.Net and Snowflake are here to make it simple, easy, and seamless. Learn more about this partnership by reading the press release about the announcement or visiting our blog. We've already converting several hundred million lines of code together, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Stored Procedure Conversion

SQL translation is not the challenging part for most companies out there attempting to perform automated code migration. It’s the other side: the sprocs and proprietary scripts. Stored procedures written in SQL cannot be parsed by a typical find and replace tool. Understanding syntax and intent is required. As described above, Mobilize.Net has the capability to understand the intent of the stored procedures, and create a functionally equivalent output in JavaScript that can be embedded directly into Snowflake SQL. Most other tools would be lucky to get 25 – 50% of their stored procedures automatically converted. The rest are handled manually, which takes extra time and money. Mobilize.Net is converting over 90% of stored procedures automatically in the testing that has been done by Snowflake. Our experience and approach make us uniquely capable of parsing procedures to a functionally equivalent output.

Proprietary Scripts Converted to Python

Finally, one of the best reasons to get off a legacy platform is the use of their outdated, proprietary scripting languages. These may have been necessary when data warehouses started being more relevant. However, the world of data has changed, and those scripts are not only outdated, they are a burden on your ability to modernize. Fortunately, as with stored procedures, Mobilize.Net is uniquely experienced to handle scripts like these. For over 25 years, we’ve been taking outdated code and modernizing it for the cloud or for a new architecture. These scripting languages… they require the same kind of conversion. We can convert these proprietary scripts to Python, a common and universally understood language. A language that people are being taught today and will have skilled developers for years to come. It’s also a language that Snowflake can understand. In testing with Teradata BTEQ, TPT, TPUMP, FastLoad, and MultiLoad scripts, Mobilize.Net has again achieved a high success rate with a functionally equivalent output.

SQL Translation

While stored procedures and scripts are generally the hard problems in database migrations, the majority of the code that exists is SQL; DDL and DML. SQL is SQL... except when it’s one data warehouse’s SQL compared with another platform’s SQL. Snowflake SQL is not immediately up-loadable into Teradata. Redshift SQL is not immediately up-loadable into Snowflake. While all of the data platforms use ANSI SQL, they do not all implement it the same way, and there are additions from each data warehouse to the ANSI SQL that are designed to make the queries more efficient. Those additions make immediately translatable SQL files between data warehouses completely impossible. Translation is required. Mobilize.Net automates that process with over a >99% success rate of the tens of millions of lines of customer code used for beta testing.

What makes Snowflake different from the rest?

Snowflake is not the only cloud-based data warehouse out there, but it is the most well regarded by most data analysts. Snowflake’s architecture is natively built for the cloud. You only pay for the amount of space that you are using. No need to buy for your peak time periods; scale almost infinitely based on your business needs paying only for what you need. From a code writing perspective, there are no proprietary scripts and outdated scripting languages. Everything is Snowflake SQL and JavaScript (for stored procedures). You can connect with nearly any BI tool. If you’re still curious, you can find more info on Snowflake’s website.

What makes Mobilize.Net different from the rest?

There are a lot of companies out there with big promises and big claims about moving your data from one platform to another. All of them will promise to do the job better than the others. All of them will promise complete, seamless migration. So why choose Mobilize.Net? Mobilize is promising the same things. The difference is simple: our experience, our resources, and our approach.


If you’re familiar with Mobilize.Net, you already know that no other organization has the history of success that Mobilize does. Operating for 25+ years doing application migration, we’ve worked with 80% of the Fortune 1000. In fact, if you add up most of our competitors' years of experience with the number of substantial clients, it may not even equal our experience. We’ve turned to database migrations, and we have the experience to truly understand what complete, seamless migration really means. Snowflake clearly seems to think so, which is why they've come to us for creating a tool capable of migrating large customers' workloads.


Mobilize.Net has a team of software engineers that specialize in automating code migrations. We’ve built tools, and worked directly with clients to ensure their code has 100% functional equivalence. All of our engineers are near-shore, no wait times or odd hours with a team of in-experienced engineers in India. Our headquarters are in the pacific time zone (Bellevue, WA), and our engineering center is in the central time zone (San Jose, Costa Rica).


Instead of trying to do glorified regex find and replace with SQL Statements, we look at the problem more holistically. We apply recursive transforms on an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) node data structure. This is difficult to do when doing many-to-many SQL conversions, but our methodology focuses on specific one-to-one transformations. Applying a dataflow analysis to each SQL file or proprietary script allows us to understand the syntax, pattern match, and recreate functional equivalence automatically. We go after the hard stuff that others don't even bother to convert.

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