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Mobilize.Net has been performing code migrations since before the start of the millennium, and migrating legacy data warehouses has been no small part of that. But our specialty is code. If you can think of a codebase, there's a good chance we've worked with it. Bringing code beyond SQL to run in Snowflake is one of the purposes of Snowflake's launch of the Snowpark API. With Snowpark, you can take Scala, Python, and Java, and run it directly in Snowflake. This effectively eliminates the gap between your cloud data and your scalable cloud analytics. As Snowflake supports additional codebases, Mobilize.Net's migration technology continues to be the most effective code translation tooling in existence.

But what if you're already running on Spark? There are a lot of reasons to choose Snowpark in Snowflake (single platform, scalability, security, low-maintenance, and others), and it's very simple to convert your Spark jobs to Snowpark by utilizing SnowConvert. 

BlackDiamond Studio

Mobilize.Net SnowConvert for Spark Scala is delivered as a part of BlackDiamond Studio, which is a Snowflake-specific integrated code repository, IDE, migration platform, and code analysis tool. With BlackDiamond Studio, you can get an assessment, migrate, and/or run your Scala code in Snowflake. The IDE is already fully setup to run Scala code without any configuration other than connecting your Snowflake account. You can be using Scala with Snowpark in 3 minutes.

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1.5 B

>1.5 billion
lines of code converted


>30 million objects 


Average level of automation for initial workloads is 96.45%.


Median level of automation for initial workloads is 99%.

Trust and Experience

SnowConvert for Spark-Scala is now available directly from Snowflake.

Mobilize.Net has been building tools to accelerate modernization projects for more than a quarter century. SnowConvert is the product of all that experience applied towards migrating to the Data Cloud, regardless of whether you have SQL, Scala, or any other code language. With more lines of code run through it than any other available tool, SnowConvert has seen, understood, and converted it all.

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Target Conversion Architecture

The migration experts at Mobilize.Net are here to transfer your Apache Spark-Scala and proprietary scripts over to Snowflake. Specifically:

  • Scala functions in Spark (org.apache.spark.sql) are converted to a Scala equivalent in Snowflake supported by the Snowpark API (com.snowflake.snowpark)
  • Spark SQL functions converted to UDF's in Snowflake SQL as either:
    • JavaScript embedded in Snowflake SQL
    • Snowflake Scripting

Note that the source to target code pairs were developed in partnership with Snowflake Professional Services. Learn more about our partnership by attending our session with Snowflake at Snowflake Summit 2022




More than just Glorified
Find-and-Replace Translation

Mobilize.Net is not in the business of creating glorified regex or find-and-replace tools. SnowConvert builds a complete understanding of each workload analyzed by the tool, and creates a full symbol table and a comprehensive abstract syntax tree for each run of the tool. As a result, the output code is designed to be functionally equivalent with the input. In other words, what your code "does" in Spark-Scala is what you can expect it to "do" with Snowpark in Snowflake by using SnowConvert.

If you'd like to learn more about the kind of transformation that SnowConvert can apply, you can visit our public documentation page or reach out to get access to our complete translation reference library.

And if you're looking for a partner to help you complete your migration beyond running a tool, we do that too

Mobilize.Net Migrations Testimonials

Mobilize.Net offers valuable technology and services that help customers easily modernize their legacy applications for use on today’s modern platforms and devices program at Microsoft.

- Shawn Nandi, Sr Director, Cloud App Development, Data & AI Marketing

Mobilize.Net has a strong track record of building products that successfully automate challenging source code migrations, and this partnership will empower our customers with the technology to get up and running on Snowflake sooner.

- Chris Degnan, CRO, Snowflake

By using Mobilize.Net’s proven conversion tools and staff, we are able to do this much faster than a manual conversion. This is not simply a move of NextGen to a remote server, but a true conversion to a cloud environment.

- Bruce Collier, President, Local Government Corporation