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Migrate Off Outdated Sharepoint

Outdated Sharepoint versions block organizations from digital transformation

Move Off SharePoint
Move Off SharePoint
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Move old Sharepoint apps to newer versions

As we've done with .NET, Silverlight, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder and other legacy applications, we have built analysis and migration tools to help you understand what it takes to move off your legacy Sharepoint applications.

Since the introduction of Office365 customers have embraced the benefits of moving to the cloud, but in many cases their SharePoint implementation has been a roadblock.

SharePoint is a complex enterprise level collaboration system which can include fully-trusted code and rich applications that don’t easily map to a cloud-based deployment. And, like SharePoint, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) has also been widely deployed in the enterprise and is a potential stumbling block in moving your company from on-premise to Office365.

Got Legacy PowerBuilder, Java, Unisys Linc, Silverlight?

Modernization Services

Legacy client-server modernization services & solutions
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Legacy Data to Snowflake

Move data seamlessly to the cloud with Mobilize.Net
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PowerBuilder to Web

Transformative PowerBuilder to Java & C# migration tools.
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VB, C#, .NET to Web

Cloud application migration tools transform desktop apps.
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VB6 to .NET

VB6 migration tool to .NET & Web converter
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Silverlight to Cloud Native  

Silverlight migration tools for Angular and HTML
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Move Off SharePoint

“NTCNA Chassis Dynamics chose Mobilize.Net VBUC because the automated migration technology greatly sped up our move off VB6.”

- Aaron Bickel, Senior Manager, Nissan NA

“Mobilize tools create readable, maintainable, quality code,” said. “Mobilize uses familiar architecture and patterns which made it easy to immediately step into the code.”

- Matt Gropel, Director of Technology at AgWorks Software

The best $5,000 we ever spent were for the Ready Assessment. The quality of the information provided by Mobilize.Net during this analysis was the key to the success of this migration

- Robert Courtney – Chief Software Architect, SSP

“Mobilize.Net has a strong track record of building products that successfully automate challenging source code migrations, and this [product] will empower our customers to get up and running on Snowflake sooner.”

- Chris Degnan, CRO at Snowflake

“I am very pleased with the tool and your responsiveness. I have had at least 3 other aborted efforts to convert and hundreds of man-hours wasted. To get a clean compile after only 2 days is thrilling. I suspect that with about a week of effort, I can have a working .NET equivalent app.”

- Scott Lee, President, Superior Labels

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