What is automated migration?

Automated migration uses artificial intelligence to recreate programming “intent” so you get code like it was written by a real human.

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Automated migration is the process of using software tools - similar in concept and architecture to a compiler - to convert the original source code of an application to a more modern programming language, framework, platform or all three. Much like a compiler, the migration engine analyzes source code and builds complex symbolic representations in order to identify coding patterns and objectives.
From that representation, a code emitter generates new, clean source that does not rely on binary runtimes. Symbol names and comments are preserved; and no new logic bugs are introduced, reducing the cost and time of migration.
Unlike writing code from scratch, automated migration leverages existing investments in software, capturing all the logic and features while smoothly, efficiently, and quickly converting them into a new, modern language, framework, and platform. Just as carpenters rely on power tools to boost their productivity, and factories use robots, developers who use automated software migration tools will outperform teams which rely on writing code from scratch.
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