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by John Browne, on Oct 24, 2022 8:38:34 AM

Spark is a big deal in big data and so is Snowflake, but what if you want to run your Spark SQL queries with a prebuilt connection to a Snowflake …

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Topics:SnowflakesnowparkApache Spark

by Marco Carrillo, on Oct 20, 2022 2:35:07 PM

“BlackDiamond Studio (a.k.a. BDS) is the cross-language workbench for any code you have aimed at your Snowflake account.” (Mobilize.Net Corporation [that's us! we said that!], 2022). As indicated in the …

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by Jorge Arturo Vasquez Rojas, on Oct 14, 2022 5:35:19 AM

Got BTEQ? And by that I mean, do you have some BTEQ (Basic Teradata Query) scripts that you want to convert easily to Snowflake? Not sure what output language you …

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Topics:SnowflakeTeradataSnowflake Scriptingbteq

by Pedro Meléndez, on Oct 6, 2022 3:30:00 AM

Since the dawn of exception handling, developers have been raising and catching exceptions in their code. These exceptions can serve a variety of purposes (such as registering why an execution …

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by Mauricio Rojas, on Oct 5, 2022 9:17:00 AM

I was looking at a project Mobilize.Net is moving from Spark to Snowpark, and this question popped up: Is there a way to use my .egg files in Snowpark? Technically, …

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by Mauricio Rojas, on Oct 4, 2022 7:28:00 AM

Have you heard the news? There is a great new platform for Data Science and it is called Snowpark. But like many others, you might feel a little lost about …

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Topics:SnowflakePythonsnowparkscalajavaSnowpark Accelerated

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