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18 Mobile Application Development Facts

by John Browne, on Jan 29, 2013 10:10:00 AM

Recently came across some interesting data that, rolled together, shows how some mobile application development trends are shaping up. 

The HybridA few factoids with spin:

  1. Smartphones are big in the US (not exactly news). In 2012 there were 270M smartphone subscribers, indicating most people have a smartphone and some people clearly have more than one.
  2. The iPhone was a rocketship when it was released, but it pales in comparison to the iPad. iPad adoption grew at 3x the pace of the iPhone. Mikey Likes It! 
  3. Price matters: total Android phone adoption rates have been 6x iPhone rates. This might be partly attributed to the limited number of carriers who have iPhone deals with Apple.
  4. Within 3 years tablets will outsell PCs. What will that mean to Microsoft? (Hint: Wintel is no longer the dominant platform.)
  5. Total Android market share on smartphones was 74% in 2012. Again, price and choice are important drivers in consumer behavior. 
We put 18 of the most interesting facts into an ebook, you can get it here.
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