The best available tools to perform code migrations from a source database or Spark application to Snowflake.

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The premier productivity workbench designed and optimized for teams using Snowflake.

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Edit, Debug & Deploy
Automated Test Case Generation
Metadata Analysis
Source Code Management

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There are countless ways to take advantage of BlackDiamond Studio and SnowConvert.

Migration and Other Snowflake Services
Get Up and Running with Snowpark
Using the SnowConvert Trial
Build a Cross-Platform Object Inventory

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VBUC Features

Visual Basic Upgrade Companion features

This section of the website describes in full detail the advanced features present in Mobilize’s VB to .NET migration product, the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC), which have a considerable impact on the overall quality of the converted code (VB.NET or C#) and dramatically reduces the amount of manual work needed to get the migrated applications working.

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