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VBUC Features

Assessment Mode

Visual Basic Upgrade Companion will switch to assessment mode once the current license is expired. This mode allows the user to perform the following actions:

  • Create upgrade solutions to solve pre-migration issues i.e. missing references or files.
  • Create the assessment report to quantify the efforts required for the migration task.

VBUC will be installed by default in assessment mode if a valid license file is not provided after the installation process. Once VBUC is activated, the assessment mode features will be present in the full version.

Assessment Report

Visual Basic Upgrade Companion is able to collect important assessment information from the original VB6/ASP source files. The assessment output files are:

  • Upgrade Solution (*.VBCSln)
    • Used to solve:
      • Internal and external References
      • Project dependencies
  • LOC Report.xml
    • Source files per project
    • Recommended upgrade order
    • Lines of code report (code, comments, spaces, design lines)
      • Per Project
      • Each file detail
  • AssessmentReport.xml
    • Used by Mobilize personnel for estimations.
    • Information provided:
      • Third party controls
        • Used methods and properties
        • Events
      • Data Access components
      • COM+ summary and members
      • Intrinsic components
      • Windows API calls
      • Much more
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