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VB to .NET

VB to .NET Knowledge Base

This section contains specific technical articles and other resources aimed towards providing a smoother experience while performing a VB to .NET migration with the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion.

Content Overview

  • VBUC Errors, Warnings and Issues:

    When upgrading a project from VB to .NET, there might be some items that are not fully converted by the VBUC, requiring some manual adjustments in order compile and run the generated code and to achieve functional equivalence. The VBUC helps with this process by inserting different information messages (hereafter referred to as EWIs) into the migrated source code as comments.The purpose of these pages is to provide detailed information about these EWIs, along with recommendations on how to solve them.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    an exhaustive compilation of the most common technical inquiries about the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion and VB to .NET migrations in general.

  • How-To articles:

    Technical documents that display tips and tricks to get the most out of Mobilize’s VB to .NET migration product and solve complex issues during the entire conversion process.

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