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For many companies, RMS , Oracle Rdb , or Oracle Codasyl DBMS applications running on the OpenVMS server provides mission-critical functionality on a daily basis. Such systems have consistently provided exceptional reliability, availability, and serviceability, and, for these reasons a costly migration to a "modern day" application may not make good business sense.

However, with the onset of new applications that are driven by relational database technology, many companies are faced with the challenge of integrating their legacy non-relational applications with relational applications. Additionally, many companies are searching for a solution that enables users with advanced SQL skills to access legacy non-relational data, using SQL-standards-based tools.

CONNX Solutions gives users secure real-time, read/write SQL access to multiple data sources whether they are legacy non-relational, relational, or both. CONNX supports Oracle, RMS, Oracle Rdb and Codasyl DBMS on the VAX, Alpha and HP Integrity servers running OpenVMS and more.

With CONNX, users can:

  • Use modern reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, MS Access, Excel or Cognos to directly access relational and non-relational data on Windows.
  • Build GUI or Web front-end interfaces to access legacy non-relational applications.
  • Join tables of multiple disparate data sources enabling the creation of several reports with a single query.
  • Take advantage of an integrated, centralized metadata repository.

What does this all mean?

  • Real-time access to mission-critical data and faster turnaround times on reports enable businesses to respond and react to changing business conditions.
  • COBOL programmers are no longer burdened with the task of writing new queries and can focus on more complex programming projects.
  • Because of the CONNX distributed architecture, system resources are far less taxed when running queries.
  • Reports no longer need to be scheduled at night, enabling other jobs to run during a tight batch window.
  • With no need to modify an existing application to implement an enhanced reporting environment, deployment is faster and data integrity remains intact.

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