With proven automated migration technology, Mobilize.Net will transform your Unisys Linc/EAE to Java, allowing you to take advantage of a robust, modern, and open development environment.

We offer a comprehensive solution designed to meet your Unisys Linc/EAE migration needs so you can take advantage of Java features within your applications, lowering maintenance costs.

With a Linc/EAE to Java conversion, you will receive improved development productivity through an object-oriented, component-based development model, including simplified integration with heterogeneous environments and other applications.

Move Off Unisys and On to Java

  • Boost system scalability and integration capabilities
  • Reduce development, maintenance and hardware costs
  • Augment availability of programmer and supplier sources
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in and increase productivity
  • Leverage the application’s capital investment with minimal risk
Unisys Linc/EAE Java
Monolithic application Multi-tier application, clearly separated across its functional boundaries
Proprietary technology (hardware and software) Open platform with a wide range of suppliers
Limited availability of programmers Extensive availability of programmers
Integration with other business applications is not native Easy integration of services as a result of SOA
Limited scalability, tied to high financial costs Scalability in one of the main pillars of J2EE
Rigid, proprietary database Relational database taht provides query mechanisms and relational integrity
Limited access to new technologies Easy integration with modern technologies, like SMS, mobile and web

Mobilize.Net can take care of your Unisys Linc/EAE conversion needs quickly and risk-free. Through our technology, we will provide you with a complete and cost-effective solution to successfully migrate from Linc/EAE to Java, guaranteeing 100% functional equivalence.

Our proven consulting methodology covers your entire migration to Java/J2EE on a turnkey basis, including the assessment and planning stages, offering an end-to-end solution to all aspects of the conversion process and delivering a fully tested, functionally equivalent, guaranteed, and ready-to-deploy system. Many of our customers decide to start off-loading Unisys mainframes by first converting all peripheral applications and then the core. This strategy limits risk even more and allows for the continuous operation of the Unisys mainframe.

How Does It Work?

Our highly-automated migration process converts Linc/EAE code to Java cost-effectively by using a relational database as a persistence mechanism. The standard Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) defines a series of technologies and logic tiers where the software components that make up an organization’s corporate application are located. In Linc/EAE, an ISpec can define aspects such as the screen, a database structure and the business logic as a response to an action by the user. Figure 1 shows the correspondence of the general elements of Linc/EAE with those of J2EE.

linc diagram
Figure 1: Correspondence of elements of Linc/EAE vs. J2EE


How it Works

Our complete, turnkey solution generates the following J2EE tiers from Linc/EAE:

Layer Description
Client tier Each ISpec of type Input or InputOuput becomes an HTML page that the user has access to. Additionally, elements such as a "Cascading Style Sheet" (CSS) are used to obtain a more configurable interface. To achieve a greater efficiency and provide a better experience for the end user, Java Script libraries are generated to perform tasks such as the validation of required fields.
Web tier Each ISpec of type Input or InputOutput generates a JSP component, which is responsible for dynamically generating the HTML screen that is displayed to the user. Java Standard Tags Library (JSTL) is used to generate this JSP.
Business tier Each ISpec of type Input or InputOutput generates a Java class which contains the business logic defined in the ISpec as methods of this class. This class extends the GenericProcess class (provided by ArtinSoft), which is in charge of providing the necessary functionality to execute the migrated code in the same way as defined by the Linc/EAE cycle. Additionally, the business tier generates a Stateless Enterprise Java to implement the Façade pattern. This EJB determines which generated Java class must handle the request, and moves the execution of the control to that class.
Database access tier For each ISpec of type Output or InputOutput a class is generated that encapsulates all access and operations with the database. This class enables the implementation of the Data Access Object pattern. The methods to access the database are generated automatically based on the information provided by the Determine and Look.Up commands along with the defined Profiles.
Relational database tier The general model for the migration of the database consists of 3 phases:
  • Generation of the relational database. The table creation scripts are generated automatically by the data migration tool using the Linc/EAE source code.
  • Data extraction. The tool generates reports in Linc/EAE from the ISpecs of type Output and InputOutput that allow stored information to be moved form the DMSII database to plain text files.
  • Population of the relational database. The plain text files are imported to the database using tools such as Oracle SQLLoader or DB2 Load.


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The support and professionalism offered by Mobilize has given us the confidence and security to carry out our migration project. We are very excited with the project and are sure it will be completed quickly and successfully.

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