I think the biggest selling point for me for CONNX . . . was that from that moment in time . . . CONNX has not shown a seam in this company. I can’t tell you where the CONNX seam is. . . .I don’t have to wrestle with CONNX. I don’t have to figure out where the data is with CONNX. It’s just another SQL Server to me.

Mike Rouleau ,

Sr Director, Cloud App Development, H.Y. Louie

Nothing short of spectacular. CONNX is clearly oriented toward great software and great customer relationships. Not only do support requests get resolved quickly and cheerfully, but the CONNX team continuously demonstrates amazing receptivity and responsiveness to new feature requests and customer feedback.

Arathi Natarajan,

Director of Enterprise Data Services Montclair State University
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What Does CONNX do
Automated migration technology for Visual Basic 6.0, Silverlight, PowerBuilder, .NET and more. Give us a call at 425-609-8458.