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2 -Overview 

3 - What makes KPiSync different?

5 - How it works

6 -Where would you use KPiSync

7 - About CONNX Solutions, Inc.


CONNX KPiSync is a Mobile Application to help users 'Visualize your Key Business Metrics on any device in real time'. The CONNX KPiSync solution was designed with the purpose of providing users with a quick and easy method of delivering Key Performance Indicators from all facets of a business to users via any device, smartphone tablet, or PC.

CONNX KPiSync keeps you in touch with your critical business information (KPi's - key performance indicators) from any corporate application or data store, any time, all the time, real-time, whether you are in the office, on the go, or at home. KPiSync makes it simple to keep track of your critical business metrics simply by defining a key performance indicator which will query your enterprise data. These indicators are then pushed to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices, using our secure Microsoft Azure Cloud.

There are three components to the CONNX KPiSync solution, the Administrator, the Store Application, and the Mobile Application. The Store and Mobile Applications dis- play key performance indicators to the user that is sent from the administrator server. Using our streamlined Administrator application, the KPi's are defined, described, and grouped. The KPi's are then securely pushed out through Microsoft Azure to the KPiSync Application residing on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile KPiSync inter- face. As the data changes, push notification keeps the devices up to date, and alerts you to any change that needs to be addressed.

What makes KPiSync different than other mobile dashboard solutions?

KPiSync is the only 100% cloud dashboard delivery solution for mobile devices. Other dash- board solutions are simply wrappers around a web interface that must be set up in the cor- porate environment. With other solutions, holes in firewalls must be poked open to enable the mobile application to “reach into” the corporate environment to access the data, or a VPN connection is needed to access the key performance data.

Figure 1: Other mobile dashboard solutions:

other mobil dashboards

These solutions have several limitations. As a user on the go, you only know about critical changes in the state of your data when you run your application and check the key performance indicators. Additionally, these tools require quite a bit of infrastructure setup.

A dedicated web or application server needs to be in place to serve up the results to the mobile devices, and holes must be poked in the corporate firewall to allow mobile devices to access the data.

The goal with CONNX KPiSync was to deliver a solution that required a minimal amount of infrastructure adjustments, while still providing high performance and secure access to you critical information.

KPiSync is the first solution to provide secure delivery of your critical key performance indicators quickly and securely to your mobile and desktop devices.


Figure 2: KPiSync mobile dashboard solution:

KPiSync mobil dashboard

How it Works

CONNX provides the real time data access to your enterprise data. The CONNX Distributed SQL Engine enables data from disparate sources to be queried and aggregated into a distinct key performance indicator.

KPiSync Administrator

The admin tool enables you to manage your CONNX KPiSync account & logins in our cloud service, and provides an easy to use GUI for creating and managing our KPi’s.

CONNX Mobile Cloud Service

The CONNX Azure mobile cloud service securely delivers your KPi and push notifications to all of your mobile devices and desktop applications. All access is secured with SSL and a CONNX dashboard user ID & password.

CONNX KPiSync Mobile application

The mobile application runs in Windows Phone, Surface tablet, IOS devices, Android devices, and windows 8 desktop PCs.

Additionally CONNX KPiSync is the first and only dashboard solution with integrated push notification. This means that as your data values change, you get notified right away. This is the most critical aspect of a key performance indicator.

Where would you use KPiSync?

A support manager wants to improve close ratio and response times for their group. He uses CONNX KPiSync to create important metrics that are pushed to his and all the support engineers phones.

Sales Manager wants to keep the distance to monthly quo- ta for the group in front of each sales person on a daily basis.

Monitor inventory levels in a warehouse and notify the warehouse manager when levels drop below a specified threshold.

Allow a Product Manager to track key release metrics to be used in determining if a new product is ready for release.

Alert a Quality Control Manager when a product defect rate is found to be too high during product testing.

A CEO or CFO wants to keep tabs on corporate revenue, and also measure revenue vs budget.

Monitor output on a factory floor and be notified immediately if production levels change Monitor “high water marks” in a software system and notify the IT manager when a system’s load exceeds predefined thresholds.

About CONNX Solutions, Inc.

CONNX Solutions is a leader in the data access, migration, integration, virtualization, and replication. Their solutions enable quick, secure, and scalable SQL access to legacy, non- relational, relational, and cloud data wherever it resides, however it is structured, without any change to your core systems. CONNX is quick and easy to set up and use and offers easy

standards-based tools that are accessible, flexible, and scalable. Since 2001, CONNX solutions have been installed in more than 3,200 organizations worldwide and across a range of industries including government, manufacturing, education, technology, human resources, financial services, and telecommunications. CONNX's solutions unleash the power and value of information providing organizations the ability to make confident, evidence-based business decisions.

CONNX provides businesses secure read/write real-time access to all enterprise data from any platform as if all the data existed in one relational database. This technology has been

referred to as a “federated database”, or a “virtual database”. All data is then accessible using standard ANSI SQL and any standards-based application. CONNX acts as a reusable data access framework for projects throughout the enterprise. CONNX supports Adabas (currently OS/390, z/OS, and Windows platforms); Microsoft SQL Server (on all platforms); Sybase (on

all platforms); Informix (on all platforms); C-ISAM, DISAM, and Micro Focus (on Linux, AIX, Sun, Solaris, and SCO operating systems); IBM VSAM (on z/OS, OS/390, MVS, and VSE); IBM

DB2 (on all platforms); Oracle (on all platforms); RMS, Rdb, and Codasyl DBMS (on OpenVMS and VMS platforms); PostGreSQL (on all platforms); Dataflex; POWERflex; and any OLE DB, ODBC, or JDBC data source.

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