CONNX for Oracle Rdb                                                                                 

The CONNX for Oracle Rdb module provides secure, real-time, read/write SQL access to Oracle Rdb databases on the VAX, Alpha and HP Integrity servers running OpenVMS. In conjunction with other CONNX modules, you can perform seamless joins between Oracle Rdb and most other databases.

With CONNX for Oracle Rdb, a single metadata model can be created that spans all enterprise data sources and applications requiring data access. The result is an enterprise-wide view of data that provides a reusable standards based framework for information access.

CONNX for Oracle Rdb supports the creation of views, which facilitates hiding table relationships from the end user. CONNX views facilitates the creation of heterogeneous joins between multiple disparate databases.

CONNX supports over 600 data types, including BLOBs and CLOBs, and performs bi-directional data conversions for data updates and retrieves.

The CONNX for Oracle Rdb module also supports Remote Procedure Calls, allowing remote execution of batch jobs, procedures, and applications.


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