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DataSync Transformation Server lets you extract, transform, and load relational and non- relational data anywhere in your organization. Fully compatible with virtually every server-side platform and database architecture, CONNX Data Transformation Software is a secure, scalable, and proven ETL solution.

At a Glance

CONNX Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of simplified data access, management and integration software solutions, announces the release of CONNX DataSync Transformation Server, which is available today for demonstration, evaluation and purchase. This product introduces full ETL capabilities to our replication product suite.

DataSync Transformation Server features a powerful yet simple SQL-based Trans- form Wizard to accelerate your ETL projects. Manage single- or multi-table trans- forms and synchronizations using its integrated Query Builder, or write your own SQL statements. Create new target tables or load data into previously mapped tables. The Transform Wizard gives you complete control over target database attributes including table and field names, data types, lengths, scales, and precisions. Easily combine columns from any source table regardless of database type, and create new and unique indexes on your target table.

"In planning the release of DataSync Transformation Server, we wanted to ex- tend our proven data integration technology even further by allowing customers to easily join any database table columns from any data source, aggregate any column and create a target data warehouse. Then keep that data warehouse database synchronized with their production data- base(s) based on the transforming logic at near real time intervals with record speeds with minimal amount of effort. Our focus is to save our customers time and money with a quick ROI", said Shirley McKinney, Director of Business Development at CONNX Solutions, Inc.

"We designed DataSync Transformation Server with Ease of Use in mind from the very start. We looked at other ETL tools on the market, and one common factor was high learning curve, even to do something relatively simple. It literally takes less than 10 minutes to get your syncs up and running", said Larry McGhaw, the CTO & VP of Engineering at CONNX Solutions, Inc.

"With the release of CONNX DataSync Transformation Server, CONNX is now firmly established in all levels of the enterprise. The quality of our products and in- creased functionality make CONNX a great investment in today’s economy as well as protection for future technology as well,"

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Benefits of DataSync

Ease of Use: Intrinsic GUI allow users to complete a synchronization build quickly without extensive training.

Integrated Product Solution: A scheduler is embedded with our solution so the users do not have to integrate another parties product into the mix.

Live Incremental Updates: The Change Data Capture (CDC) technology in CONNX enables replications of complex transformations, including joins, unions, and aggregations, incrementally. This means that data can be updated throughout the day without any disruption of the source tables, or the target tables. The Target tables are not dropped and repopulated, so users can continue to query the data uninterrupted.

Embedded Drivers: CONNX has included integrated optional drivers for most major databases on the market that have been thoroughly tested to work with our product or we’ve written native drivers our- selves. These include legacy (non-relational) drivers as well as relational.

Speed: We have feedback from our product users they’ve experienced better than 50% speed improvement over their well known existing product they are using.


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