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Mobilize.Net Releases New VB Upgrade Companion 6.3 That Offers Faster Code Migrations

Posted by DeeDee Walsh on Tue, Apr, 07, 2015 @ 10:04 AM

New version of Visual Basic Upgrade Companion is available for download now; brings substantial improvements to cut the time and effort of migration projects


Mobilize.Net today released a new version of its industry-leading migration technology, Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 6.3. This updated release introduces new technology to greatly increase developer productivity by reducing compile errors after migrating to .NET. Mobilize.Net developed VBUC 6.3 on over 1M lines of real-world VB6 code and reduced post-migration compile errors in Visual Studio by as much as 95%. A few areas that have been improved include: 

  • Structs with fixed length strings
  • Duplicate (shared) namespaces across projects
  • WinAPI calls (Pinvoke)
  • and more.

Does it help? Here are three actual real-world examples ran as validation tests (these are all very large VB6 applications of greater than 100K lines of code). The numbers represent the reduction in compiler errors comparing the output of VBUC 6.3 to 6.2:

  • Case A: 3200 errors before; 1721 errors after (46% reduction)
  • Case B: 1036 errors before; 339 errors after (66% reduction)
  • Case C: 1527 errors before; 63 errors after (96% reduction).

In addition, VBUC 6.3 dramatically cuts the amount of manual effort needed to migrate from ADODB to ADO.NET without using helper classes. The tool generates SqlDataReader patterns that compile and run on recordsets that are accessed sequentially (not randomly).

By default VBUC 6.3 no longer causes Visual Studio to generate warnings about references to now-deprecated Microsoft.VisualBasic.Compatibility assemblies and has eliminated some obsolete library usages in the converted code.

VBUC 6.3 is easier, faster and produces better code which enables much greater developer productivity. VBUC 6.3 can be downloaded at:


Topics: manual rewrite, application modernization, application migration, Visual Basic Upgrade Companion, Visual Basic, Windows XP, VB6

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