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GAP Mobilize AI Accelerates Modernization of Legacy Software Applications to the Cloud

by DeeDee Walsh, on Tue, Aug, 22, 2023 @ 05:08 AM

New release of WebMAP, the desktop to web and cloud migration tool, includes SCSS support and other developer enhancements

 Austin, TX – August 22, 2023 – GAP Mobilize (formerly Mobilize.Net) Modernize & Mobilize business unit of Growth Acceleration Partners a leader in application modernization products and services, today announced new artificial intelligence (AI) innovations to accelerate its engineering efforts. The first delivery in its AI-driven approach is the latest release of WebMAP, which offers AI-driven automation to transform desktop applications to the web and cloud.

In addition to performance and security enhancements, WebMAP now includes automated refactoring of server-based operations to web client code for improved performance. Through the use of static AI-based code analysis, WebMAP writes new Javascript functions and code to handle client-side events without server round trips.

Additionally, WebMAP now includes SCSS support, allowing developers to easily personalize the client-side UI. Importing a file of SCSS variables for various UI controls, like the button object with 20 predefined SASS variables, has never been more straightforward.

“Embracing AI to accelerate our engineering efforts is a core tenet of our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience to every customer,” said Darryl Worsham, general manager of the Modernize & Mobilize Business Unit at GAP. “The new WebMAP is an example of how we continue our ArtinSoft legacy of artificial intelligence being at the heart of everything we deliver. At GAP, we embrace the innovation Mobilize.Net brings and continue to push technology to new heights, ensuring our clients receive the best possible solutions.”

GAP Mobilize’s focus on AI goes beyond mere adaptation; it's a strategic alignment with modern needs and future technologies. The ability to accelerate engineering with AI not only shortens the development lifecycle, but also elevates the quality of the products and services.

For more details on the newest version of WebMAP, please visit: https://www.mobilize.net/blog/a-is-for-awesome.

About GAP Mobilize
The Mobilize.Net Application Migration Business Unit was acquired by Growth Acceleration Partners in early 2023. Mobilize.Net started out as Artificial Intelligence Software, shortened to ArtinSoft, and is the global leader in automated modernization tools and services aimed at legacy Windows and Java applications.

About Growth Acceleration Partners
At GAP, we consult, design, build and deliver revenue-generating software and data solutions for clients. With modernization services and AI tools, we help businesses achieve a competitive advantage through technology. GAP expertly builds and manages remote, integrated engineering teams so customers can scale smarter and remain on the cutting edge.

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