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Growth Acceleration Partners Announces Support for .NET 8 with Mobilize Modernization Solutions

by DeeDee Walsh, on Tue, Nov, 14, 2023 @ 04:11 AM

New releases of Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC) and WebMAP provide .NET 8 support and reduce friction for desktop code migrations

Austin, TX — November 14, 2023 — Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a strategic technology leader for consulting, designing, and building specialized software and data solutions, announces its support for .NET 8 through its popular Mobilize Modernization Solutions. New features include:

  • All products, including WebMAP, now offer full support for .NET 8, accommodating a range of technologies such as Clarion, PowerBuilder, C# Winforms, VB.NET, among others.
  • VBUC introduces type library substitution for missing references, allowing projects to migrate to .NET 8 with greater ease
  • VBUC also translates select C# 9 features which enhances readability and reduces vulnerabilities in migrated applications

“At GAP, our vision extends beyond the current landscape to redefine technology modernization. The Mobilize Modernization product line stands as a testament to this mission, successfully migrating billions of lines of code and modernizing thousands of legacy applications," said Darryl Worsham, General Manager of the Modernize & Mobilize business unit at GAP. “Our dedication is clear: we strive to provide a superior client experience and to foster technological innovation by embracing and integrating cutting-edge advancements like .NET 8. We’re not just responsive to change—we anticipate it.”

With the launch of .NET 8, GAP is proud to be a sponsor of .NET Conf. To learn more about GAP’s contributions, please visit https://www.mobilize.net/net-conf-challenge and https://www.growthaccelerationpartners.com/lp/net-conf-challenge.

For details on GAP's .NET 8 support, please refer to:

About Growth Acceleration Partners

At GAP, we consult, design, build and deliver revenue-generating software and data solutions for clients. With modernization services and AI tools, we help businesses achieve a competitive advantage through technology. GAP expertly builds and manages remote, integrated engineering teams so customers can scale smarter and remain on the cutting edge. Mission Data and Mobilize are now part of GAP.

Media Contact Information:

Dee Dee Walsh
Growth Acceleration Partners
(512) 243-5754



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