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Unlocking the Power of .NET 8

🌐 Welcome to the Future of .NET with GAP! 🚀

Seamless Integration with .NET 8: We're thrilled to announce that all our products, including WebMAP, now fully support .NET 8. This upgrade opens doors to a multitude of technologies, encompassing Clarion, PowerBuilder, C# Winforms, VB.NET, and more. Get ready to experience the next level of .NET development!

🔍 Simplify Your Migration with VBUC: Migration has never been smoother! VBUC now offers an innovative type library substitution feature. This means when you're missing references while migrating to .NET 8, VBUC steps in to keep things moving without a hitch. It's all about making your transition to .NET 8 as smooth as silk.

📈 Enhance Your Code with VBUC: Not just a migration tool, VBUC also now brings the power of select C# 9 features into your projects. By translating these advanced elements, VBUC enhances the readability of your migrated applications and significantly reduces vulnerabilities. It's not just about moving to a new platform; it's about improving your code in the process.

Join the .NET 8 Revolution: Ready to take your applications to the next level with .NET 8? Explore our suite of products and discover how we can transform your development experience. Your journey to cutting-edge technology and friction-free migration starts here!

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Modernize Old Apps to .NET 8


Mobilize tools automate the conversion process, saving time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual rewriting or refactoring. Mobilize provides a source-to-source transformation, ensuring that the business logic remains intact and functional while migrating the application.

Some key features of Mobilize automated modernization tools include:

  • Code Analysis: Analyzes the source code of the legacy application to identify patterns, dependencies, and potential issues that may arise during the migration process.
  • Code Transformation: Generates a new codebase in a modern web technology, such as Angular or React, using a pattern-based conversion approach. This ensures that the business logic and functionality remain intact.
  • UI Migration: Migrates the user interface of the legacy application to modern web technologies, providing a responsive, adaptive, and mobile-friendly user experience.
  • Refactoring Assistance: Provides a set of tools and recommendations to help developers refactor the migrated code, address potential issues, and improve the overall quality of the migrated application.
  • Automation strips out Windows UI code and converts it to Angular with HTML CSS, and JSON; backend code is converted to ASP.NET Core, leaving business logic intact.

You get a new web application based on modern, maintainable source code.

  • Code you can read with no legacy artifacts.
  • Code ready for maintenance and enhancements in a fraction of the time – and without the risk inherent in a ground-up rewrite.

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Automation cuts risk and time

Our AI-assisted cloud application migration tools cut project workload by 4X. Tamper-free business logic migration reduces overall defect risk. Optional fixed-price projects eliminate financial risk.

Built on familiar standards to a modern web app

Code you’ll understand, built with C#, HTML, Angular, CSS, ASP.NET Core, and more. No magic runtimes, no long-term costs like with virtualization. You get new code you can use.