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GAP Releases VBUC 10.1, Simplifying VB6 to C# Migrations

by DeeDee Walsh, on Tue, Apr, 16, 2024 @ 04:04 AM

Includes advanced C# features to generate efficient and maintainable code

Austin, Texas — April 16, 2024 — Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP), a consulting and technology services company, today announced VB Upgrade Companion 10.1, streamlining the VB6 to C# migration process with new features to improve code efficiency and maintainability. This update introduces advanced C# features, expanded library support and numerous enhancements, empowering developers to generate performant, modern code during the migration process.

VBUC 10.1 showcases GAP's commitment to simplifying migration for businesses seeking to update legacy systems. This update introduces key C# features such as auto-default structs, global usings and expression-bodied members, enabling developers to write more streamlined and maintainable code. 

Additionally, VBUC 10.1 offers expanded support for widely-used libraries and components such as DataEnvironment files, Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) and VBScript Regular Expressions, ensuring compatibility and a smooth transition process.

“At GAP, our mission is to provide exceptional client experiences and deliver innovative solutions that drive business growth,” said Kenneth Rivera, GAP’s Migration Business Unit Vice President of Engineering. “VBUC 10.1 exemplifies our dedication to continuously enhancing our migration tools and empowering our clients to modernize their legacy applications with code they can easily maintain in the future. With this release, we are excited to offer developers a more efficient and intuitive way to migrate their VB6 code to C#, enabling them to leverage the latest technologies and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.”

Key features and benefits of VBUC 10.1 include:

  • Auto Default Structs: Automatically initializes uninitialized fields and properties, resulting in cleaner code
  • Global Usings: Simplifies code by introducing shared using declarations for the project
  • Expression Bodied Members: Supports concise and readable implementations for methods, events and properties
  • DataEnvironment Files: Enables the migration of DataEnvironment files, generating fully functional code
  • Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ): Allows the generation of MSMQ as an Interop or using native .NET classes
  • VBScript Regular Expressions: Supports the generation of .NET native code or Interop wrapper for regular expressions

VBUC 10.1 also includes several additional improvements, such as refined database mappings, optimized maps for VSIndex, reorganized upgrade options and updated GUI colors. These enhancements contribute to a more streamlined and user-friendly migration experience.

VBUC is available today and can be downloaded directly at https://www.mobilize.net/products/app-migrations/vbuc/free-trial.

Learn more about VBUC 10.1 at https://www.mobilize.net/blog/vbuc-vb6-to-csharp-migration-just-got-cooler 

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