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by DeeDee Walsh, on Thu, Apr, 30, 2015 @ 00:04 AM

On-Demand Application Analysis and Migration Services Now Available Online.

Includes Instant PoCs with Before and After Code Compare and UI Previews.

Mobilize.Net today announced that WebMAP2, the industry’s leading tool for mobilizing Windows applications, is now available in the cloud, on-demand, at studio.mobilize.net. In its latest update, WebMAP2 delivers detailed application analytics and visualization, a graphical summary of the readiness of the application for automated migration to mobile, web, and cloud, and instant proofs of concepts previewing generated code, app architecture, and migrated user interface. Developers can try it for free at studio.mobilize.net and experience WebMAP2 first-hand.

“The most common question we hear from customers is ‘should I replace or rewrite my classic Windows applications, or can I bring them forward to the world of web, mobile, and cloud?’ WebMAP2 answers the question by providing powerful application analysis instantly, online,” said Tom Button, Mobilize.Net CEO. “Customers can immediately gain insight into what it takes to migrate their code to web, mobile, and cloud. Then with the full support of Mobilize.Net’s more than 20 years of experience, their project is guaranteed to be 100% successful: on-time, on-budget, functionally equivalent, and performant.”

Key features and updates in WebMAP2 include:

Convenient, On-Demand, Self-Serve Portal – Available 24/7

  • Analyze Applications Before Migrating. Analyze applications and get free reports on
    • Application size and structure
    • Dependency graph
    • References to external resources
    • Controls and UI components used
    • APIs accessed per control
    • Readiness analysis for move to HTML5


  • Preview Migrated Applications
    • Compare original and migrated code side-by-side to see readability, maintainability
    • Inspect converted application structure and architecture before full migration is complete
    • See preview of the raw HTML rendering of converted forms with mapped controls

Automated Web App Creation with Modern Web Architecture

WebMAP2 refactors C#/Winforms applications to modern, industry standard, cloud-ready MVC web architecture supporting mobile HTML5 clients. Apps delivered by WebMAP2 are architecturally clean without proprietary runtimes. The migrated mobile applications can be run on premise or deployed to the cloud. In addition, WebMAP2 preserves variable names, comments, and structure, ensuring readability and maintainability of the resulting application. Customers starting from VB6 can use WebMAP2 also, using Mobilize.Net’s latest VBUC as the first pass.

Customers and Partners Rely on Mobilize.Net Modernization

Organizations are using WebMAP2 to accelerate the adoption of modern platforms. Prior to its broad release, WebMAP2 has been used to successfully migrate more than 10 million lines of C#/Winforms code and tens of thousands of Windows forms to HTML5. As a result, WebMAP2 includes thousands of mappings, support for hundreds of the most common controls, to generate native HTML5. Companies using WebMAP2 range from insurance to healthcare to financial services to manufacturing.

  • ROI for WebMAP2*
    • A leading restaurant chain with a massive delivery business had an unwieldy VB6 application that required complicated maintenance and installation. The company had attempted to rewrite the application three prior times but had repeatedly failed. By using WebMAP2, the company not only got its app up and running within three months, but also met all of its performance and reliability metrics – important when any delay or downtime translates to millions of dollars of lost revenue.
    • One of the world’s largest asset tracking companies chose to use WebMAP2 to migrate their asset tracking system after evaluating the cost and time of doing a manual rewrite. Realizing that a manual rewrite would take at least 3X the money and would double the time it would take to get to market, the company was able to save more than $5M and estimated they beat a manual rewrite by more than a year.
    • One of the world’s largest software companies used WebMAP2 to migrate a large, complicated but unscalable line-of-business order entry application that accounts for $800M of revenue. With WebMAP2, the application was migrated and running on the new platform in three months vs a year. In addition to saving $3M via WebMAP2, the company also protected itself from lost revenues from an obsolete architecture.
    • A leading provider of healthcare management solutions had a mission-critical application that was tethered to a proprietary browser – which complicated portability and also caused issues with Meaningful Use compliance. The company had tried unsuccessfully to rewrite the application but ultimately turned to WebMAP2 counting on its reputation for 100% success.
    • One of the world’s leading providers of financial services technology had multiple versions of a tax application running on obsolete technology and facing government compliance issues. By using WebMAP2 to migrate the code base to HTML5, the company saved over $4M plus at least a year of development time.

“In order to stay relevant in today’s mobile-first, cloud first world, enterprises everywhere are looking to transform their legacy applications,” said Mitra Azizirad, General Manager of Developer Platform Marketing and Sales at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft Azure, combined with Visual Studio and Mobilize.Net’s modernization technology and expertise, help accelerate our customers’ process of moving their applications to the cloud.”  

"Pruvo’s mission is to ensure software quality from end to end and we identified Mobilize.Net as the best market solution for migration. Together, we can empower our customers so they are able to preserve previous investments and knowledge, opening doors to a wide range of technologies as web, mobile and cloud. WebMAP2 provides code quality and reduces the time and cost of moving applications to modern platforms. We look forward to continued collaboration in this great partnership with Mobilize.Net ", said André Sorpreso, general manager at Pruvo.

“At Crosslake Technologies, it’s important for us to provide premier services to our customers, said Russ Albright, Principal at Crosslake Technologies. “Mobilize.Net WebMAP2 has provided real value to us, helping us to manage large projects and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We look forward to continuing to partner with Mobilize.Net to help customers accelerate the move to cloud-enabled mobile platforms.”

*Contact Mobilize.Net to talk with real customers.

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