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Mobilize.Net Deepens Partnership with CONNX and Software AG

by DeeDee Walsh, on Mon, Aug, 19, 2019 @ 05:08 AM

Provides CONNX Products and Solutions to Global Customers

Mobilize.Net, provider of the leading automated modernization software for client/server legacy, today announced that it will become a distributor, driving sales, renewals and consulting for CONNX Solutions. CONNX (a Software AG company) is a global leader in legacy data access and database solutions. Under this partnership, Mobilize.Net will sell the entire CONNX Solutions product line, offer renewals to existing customers and provide services.

“Mobilize.Net has over 25 years’ experience migrating thousands of customer projects, converting billions of lines of code to modern platforms,” said Tom Button, CEO, Mobilize.Net. “We are excited to partner with CONNX to bring customers the best data access and data integration solutions. Our goal is to be the one-stop shop for all data migration needs.”

Mobilize.Net will offer the entire CONNX product line with special emphasis on DataSync for keeping data up-to-date without impacting performance; InstantdbSync for real-time database replication for replicating data from one source to another and even supports Relational to non-relational and cloud databases; Native DB adapters for IMS, VSAM, DB2, RMS, Oracle, DataFlex and many more.

“We have confidence that Mobilize.Net will offer the best data integration and modernization solutions, said Harpal Gill, VP Global Alliances, CONNX. “We chose to work with them because of their long-standing commitment to technical excellence and customer satisfaction.”

CONNX products can be found at https://www.connxservices.com.

About Mobilize.Net
Mobilize.Net accelerates and simplifies the transformation of software applications to .NET, web, mobile, and cloud platforms. Millions of developers have used Mobilize.Net technology to successfully modernize billionsof lines of code. Mobilize.Net solutions enable customers to reduce risk, cost, and time while moving applications to the platforms businesses demand today. Mobilize.Net migration technology is Microsoft's chosen solution for Visual Studio and MSDN customers. The privately-held Mobilize.Net is based in Bellevue, WA, and is led by former Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Tom Button. For more information, please go to https://www.mobilize.net

About CONNX by Software AG
CONNX Solutions is a leader in the data access, migration, integration, virtualization, and replication. Their solutions enable quick, secure, and scalable SQL access to legacy, non-relational, relational, and cloud data wherever it resides, however it is structured, without any change to your core systems. CONNX is quick and easy to set up and use and offers easy standards-based tools that are accessible, flexible, and scalable. Since 2001, CONNX solutions have been installed in more than 3,200 organizations worldwide and across a range of industries including government, manufacturing, education, technology, human resources, financial services, and telecommunications. CONNX’s solutions unleash the power and value of information providing organizations the ability to make confident, evidence-based business decisions.

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