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WebMAP 4.0 with Dramatic Increases | Mobilize.Net

by DeeDee Walsh, on Mon, Oct, 31, 2016 @ 12:10 PM

WebMAP 4.0 automates up to 97% of Windows to Web app migrations, reducing manual work by an order of magnitude, while improving performance on key web app performance benchmarks by 10X or more

 BELLEVUE, WA – Nov 1, 2016 – Mobilize.Net today announced that WebMAP 4.0, the industry’s leading tool for migrating Windows applications to the web, is available for immediate customer use. WebMAP 4.0 includes support for thousands of additional objects, properties, methods, events, and language features, dramatically decreasing the time, cost, and risk of converting Windows applications into web applications. In addition to the increased automation, WebMAP also improves output web application performance and generates code that is even easier to read and maintain. Customers can access WebMAP at studio.mobilize.net.

“In terms of sheer number of improvements, this is the biggest WebMAP release - ever,” said Tom Button, CEO of Mobilize.Net. “We built this tool based on the lessons learned from migrating millions of lines of real-world customer code with our own product. There’s no faster way to transform Windows desktop apps into modern, native, cloud and mobile-ready web apps.”

The improvements in WebMAP include:

  • Increased automation: Up to 97% automated migration[1] is possible via support for thousands of additional third party and Microsoft components and their associated properties, methods, and events. Mobilize also added support for many new language features in the most popular Windows programming languages. WebMAP 4.0 accelerates app migration from Windows to web, saving months or years of unnecessary manual work.
  • Faster code. WebMAP 4.0 produces code that is faster – both on the client and server. The tool radically reduces time needed for message serialization and state synchronization through Mobilize.Net’s new performance optimized implementation of the industry standard MVC architecture. The resulting web apps load faster and respond quicker to user input, like clicking a button or populating a data-bound control that requires a server action. For example, a data grid that required over 3 seconds to load 19k items in WebMAP 3 now loads 20 times faster – just 152 milliseconds. These controls are common in Windows desktop apps and have previously frustrated attempts of developers to move them to the web with similar user experience.
  • Readable and maintainable code. WebMAP 4.0 follows standard architectural patterns with which today’s developers are familiar. The generated code is simplified, well commented, and pulls forward the same mnemonic variable names and comments developers will recognize from the original application, and comes with full source code enabling easy updates in the future to add features and support new technologies.

To date, more than 30 million lines of code have been migrated using WebMAP. With WebMAP’s ability to get smarter with each migration, the tool has better automation than ever before.

WebMAP Offers Relief to Silverlight, PowerBuilder and .NET Customers

Customers who have made large investments in legacy desktop technologies such as Visual Basic, C#, PowerBuilder, Silverlight, .NET and others need not abandon the valuable IP in that source code. WebMAP 4.0 provides a quick and cost-effective path forward for legacy code to move to the modern world of web, mobile and cloud.

Customers and Partners Rely on Mobilize Modernization

“Mobilze.Net builds tools to help developers transform applications for our cloud-first, mobile-first world,” said Shawn Nandi, senior director, Microsoft Corp. “Mobilize.Net’s WebMAP modernization technology accelerates customers’ ability to move to Microsoft Azure and enjoy the benefits of mobile and the cloud.”

“Advanced has helped thousands of customers with legacy applications through complex modernization initiatives,” said Jeff Shelby, Director of Application Modernization at Advanced. “When our customers need to take their Windows applications to the cloud or mobile-enable them, we use WebMAP to ensure they get a top-performing solution that is also easy to maintain and enhance.”

“Mobilize tools create readable, maintainable, quality code,” said Matt Gropel, Director of Technology at AgWorks Software. “Mobilize uses familiar architecture and patterns which made it easy to immediately step into the code.” Added Greg Duhachek, CEO at AgWorks, “Mobilize technology is actually cheaper than a manual rewrite in time and dollars. It cut our costs in half.”

“Mobilize.Net enabled us to modernize one of our key buy-side applications faster and at lower cost than a manual rewrite would have incurred," said Alan Lawrence, Head of Development, Fidessa Buy-side. “We were impressed with Mobilize.Net's professional services too."

“Mobilize saved us time and money,” said David Hutchins, CEO of Hutchins Systems. With WebMAP, we got a native web application with no runtimes and no ongoing royalty payments.”

*Contact Mobilize.Net to talk with real customers.

Learn more about WebMAP at a free webinar on November 8: http://www.mobilize.net/free-html5-webinar

About Mobilize.Net

Mobilize.Net accelerates and simplifies the transformation of software applications to .NET, web, mobile, and cloud platforms. Millions of developers have used Mobilize.Net technology to successfully modernize billions of lines of code. Mobilize.Net solutions enable customers to reduce risk, cost, and time while moving applications to the platforms businesses demand today. Mobilize.Net migration technology is Microsoft's chosen solution for Visual Studio and MSDN customers. The privately-held Mobilize.Net is based in Bellevue, WA, and is led by former Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Tom Button. For more information, please go to www.mobilize.net

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[1] Based on tests with real-world migration projects ranging from 100KLoC to over 1M lines of code.

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