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Best Mobilize.Net Blog Posts of 2017

by DeeDee Walsh, on Jan 18, 2018 8:12:16 PM

2017 was a great year for malware, security breaches, billion dollar company valuations and cryptocurrencies, amirite? Over here at Mobilize, we had a great year of modernizing a lot of code, meeting with lots of developers and writing about all of it. ICYMI, we've pulled together a round-up of our favorite blog posts from 2017. Here goes...

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What can we learn from Equifax?

2017: the year of horrible breaches and betrayal by so many of the companies we rely on. Breaches happened to Equifax, Uber, Deloitte, even Heathrow - there was a lot of malicious code out there. This blog post provides some great insights about how to avoid the Equifax trap and as a bonus provides a weird clip of Gary Oldman screaming "EVERYONE!".

PreEmptive guest blog: (.NET) App Security - What every dev needs to know

As long as we're talking about security, we asked one of our best partners, PreEmptive Solutions to write a guest blog post about legacy software risk management practices. They provide a ton of useful information on regulations, the implications of breaches, mobile security and more. These guys are experts.

Best practices in code transformation for modernization

Here at Mobilize, we've been doing code modernization for almost three decades. We pretty much know everything there is to know about 90s legacy. In fact, most of us worked at Microsoft during the 90s so chances are good we wrote the tool that created the legacy. In this post, John Browne provides a bunch of great information on how to think about code transformation tools, the types of questions you need to ask and an overview of how you should build your plan. It's great stuff because it's based on real-world experience.

Syncfusion and WebMAP

The title of this post undersells how good it is. Basically, JB shows how to take a mundane migrated app and add some sex appeal and pizzazz with some cool Syncfusion controls. He provides an overview of how he did the work which will help you if you want to do something similar.

True cost of rewriting software: some reflections

We've thought A LOT about the costs of writing software. A.LOT. We've even written a couple of calculators that help to identify and summarize all that is involved in software development. This post not only provides the calculators but describes the background on how we derived the formulas. If you're thinking about costs, this blog post is a must-read.

Is DevOps for you? and DevOps for legacy code

DevOps. You hear about it everywhere. We wrote a lot about it but these two posts were our best. The first post provides a bunch of basics and the second post links to Channel 9 where you can see our own John Browne and Federico Zoufaly talk about DevOps and legacy code.

Best of Microsoft Connect(); 2017

We love developer conferences and we really, really love Microsoft developer conferences. Know why? Because they're full of code, new product announcements, code, how-to's and did I mention code? This blog post highlights my favorite sessions - which is good because they had a ton of stuff.

So anyway, those are the 2017 highlights. We look forward to continuing to write about modernization, software development and other geeky topics in 2018.



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