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DevOps for legacy code

by John Browne, on Dec 8, 2017 11:33:36 AM

If you've been following this blog then you know I'm excited about the benefits of DevOps, which I think can be a huge game changer for software development.

If you are still wondering why, consider these DevOps benefits:

  • CI/CD cuts build and deployment costs
  • App monitoring can provide near real-time user feedback
  • Bug fixes are only one sprint away
  • A/B testing on real users
  • and more...

How do you get from legacy desktop code--VB6, PowerBuilder, Delphi, whatever--to a fully-realized DevOps world? It's neither trivial nor impossible. And the benefits just might make the journey worthwhile.

devOps webinar.jpg

To help, Federico Zoufaly and I recorded a webinar for Microsoft's recent Connect(); event. You can watch it on Channel 9 here. Please let us know what you think? Are you using DevOps? Are you getting full benefits from it? What's the best part? 



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