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ActiveThreed™ is a set of 32-bit ActiveX® controls: SSCommand (extended command button controls), SSFrame (extended grouping box / frame), SSCheck (extended check selector controls) and SSPanel (extended grouping box / Panel). The following list shows which Threed components are mapped to .NET equivalents:

Class Maps To
Threed.SSCommand System.Windows.Forms.Button
Threed.Constants_ButtonStyle System.Windows.Forms.FlatStyle
Threed.SSFrame System.Windows.Forms.GroupBox
Threed.SSPanel System.Windows.Forms.Panel
Threed.SSCheck System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox
Threed.SSOption System.Windows.Forms.RadioButton
Threed.Constants_Alignment System.Drawing.ContentAlignment
Threed.Constants_PictureBackgroundStyle System.Windows.Forms.ImageLayout
Threed.Constants_Bevel System.Windows.Forms.BorderStyle
Threed.Constants_MousePointer System.Windows.Forms.Cursor
Threed.Constants_CheckBoxValue System.Windows.Forms.CheckState


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