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FAQ: What is the process to upgrade from VB5 to .NET?


FAQ: What is the process to upgrade from VB5 to .NET?

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What is the process to upgrade from VB5 to VB.NET?


To migrate from vb5 to .Net we normally recommend a two phases approach where the first phase is to upgrade the VB5 code to VB6 and the second phase is to upgrade from VB6 to. .NET.

The first phase uses the VB6 development environment to do the upgrade and the idea is to open each VB5 project(s) in VB6 and the IDE will ask if you would like to upgrade the project file to VB6. After accepting this, the work will be around validating the correct functionality of the application.

Depending on the application, there might be some technical issues around third party control but this will have to be analyzed on a case by case basis.

In general, this phase is relatively simple and fast depending on the application. It can be executed by the customer since the work is mostly around validating the functionality or it can be executed by Mobilize with the help of test cases provided by the customer.

Once the code is in vb6, VBUC will be used to perform the upgrade to .NET following the proven Mobilize migration methodology.

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