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The following are some of the most common warnings generated by our Visual asic Upgrade Companion.

Code  Description
206 Untranslated statement in %1. Please check source code
1003 ParamArray %1 was changed from ByRef to ByVal
1037 Couldn't resolve default property of object %1
1041 %1 was upgraded to %2 and has a new behavior
1042 Array %1 may need to have individual elements initialized
1044 Sub Main in a DLL won't get called.
1047 Application will terminate when Sub Main() finishes
1048 Add a delegate for AddressOf %1
1049 Use of Null/IsNull() detected
1063 Arrays in structure %1 may need to be initialized before they can be used
1068 %1 of type %2 is being forced to %3.
2050 %1 Event %2.%3 was not upgraded
2065 %1 %2 %3.%4 has new behavior
2074 %1 %2 %3.%4 was upgraded to %5.%6 which has a new behavior
2077 Change the default 0 index in the Rows property with the correct one
2080 %1 was upgraded to %2 and has a new hehavior
2081 %1 has a new behavior
6002 UserControl Event %1 not supported
6007 The lower bound of collection %1 was changed from 1 to 0
6021 Casting 'int' to Enum may cause different behavior
6022 The CommonDialog CancelError property is not supported in .NET
7005 Parameters (if any) must be set using the Arguments property of ProcessStartInfo
7006 The named argument %1 was not resolved and corresponds to the following expression %2
7008 The ProgId could not be found on the computer where this application was migrated
7009 Multiples invocations to ShowDialog in Forms with ActiveX Controls might throw runtime exceptions
8007 Trying to marshal a non Blittable Type (%1). A special conversion might be required at this point. Moreover use 'External Mashalling attributes for Structs' feature enabled if required


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