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CONNX is a critical component in solving the day-to-day information needs of thousands of organizations world- wide.

CONNX can help you and your organization accomplish your goals quicker, less expensively, and more efficiently than ever before, with impressive return on your investment and minimized risk. 

CONNX is a high-performance, high- function data access engine that provides secure, real-time read/write access to virtually any database via ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, and .NET! With CONNX, you can connect to your various enterprise, departmental, or desktop databases using any standards based compliant tool/application as if they were a single relational data- base, without disruption of existing systems or extensive programming.

How CONNX can be utilized

Application Development: Develop tactical and strategic applications that unlock all data needed by the end us- er, while preserving your options with open architecture standards. Using industry standard development platforms such as Visual Basic, C++, PowerBuilder, and more, you can create applications that have secure, direct, and real-time access to all your organization’s data, even if it resides in multiple disparate data sources.

Ad-Hoc Reporting: Use popular tools, such as Access, Excel, Lotus Approach, Cognos, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, and others, to em- power users with the information they need from virtually any database. When used with CONNX Views, even complex reports can be made simple for non-technical users that need access to valuable data. You can use CONNX for reporting real-time against your live production data, from a data warehouse, or over the web.

Web Enablement: Create custom applications or use turnkey applications that leverage the Internet. Whether for the Internet or your Intranet, CONNX allows you to create the applications you need. CONNX allows you

to use any standards-based development platform such as Visual, WebSphere, JBoss and Apache Tomcat and supports both Java and Microsoft technologies, including .NET.

Data Migration/Integration: Since CONNX can access multiple data- bases simultaneously, CONNX can act as a data-pump from and to disparate data sources, allowing the connectivity you need to move your data faster, less expensively, and without disruption to existing systems. During phased migrations, CONNX even al- lows you to maintain access to your data even though it resides in multiple locations.

Data Warehousing: CONNX provides fast access to populate a data ware house or a data mart. CONNX often simplifies the process of moving your data, and enables you to populate your data warehouse as frequently as necessary.


Benefits of Using CONNX

Preservation of Existing Systems: CONNX preserves your existing legacy systems investment by providing standards-based real-time read/write access to the data you need, often eliminating the need to migrate data or create data warehouses.

Re-usability of Your Existing Reports/Apps: When you move from one application platform to an other, your investment in CONNX will not be lost. CONNX acts as a middle layer between your applications and reports, those applications will continue to work as designed even though the data has moved and the data structures have changed.

Empowering End Users: CONNX makes data more understand able to end users. The large number of table and field names in your existing systems can overwhelm non-power users. Through CONNX features such as Aliases and Views, your IT department can simplify data structures, field names, and pre-join related data for their end-users without modifying their database. .

Enhancing Data Security: CONNX adds an additional layer of security on top of any existing security already in place. CONNX has a comprehensive security layer, and provides seven different security levels down to the table and field levels, based on users or us- er groups. Let CONNX solve your data access needs. The time that you save implementing CONNX can be lever- aged by all the data-access projects in your enterprise.



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