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Visibility enables control. Control enables performance.

No matter the size or nature of your organization, it's a given that you depend on more than one platform to stay up and running. At the very least, you've got one for Sales, another for Accounting, and still another for managing your people. As much as our good friends at IBM, SAP, Oracle or Microsoft would like to 'own' the IT backbone, it's just not going to happen too easily. That means you're left with any number of systems and underlying databases spread across your organization, many mission-critical and many overlapping with each other. No one needs to tell you how complicated it can get.

CONNX makes it easy to maintain complete awareness of all your disparate data with an enterprise metadata management suite that spans the entire enterprise and provides a reusable, standards-based framework for information access. Create a single, centralized, dynamic view of every table and every field in every relational and non-relational database in use. Create a lexicon that homologizes all your data into a single, comprehensible structure without altering the source structures. When you understand how your data is inter-related, you gain near-omnipotent power and control.

CONNX Products Free Trial

CONNX Metadata Management delivers:

  • Business continuity: As your people come and go, as your systems evolve, you never lose sight of even a single record and its place in your organization.
  • Flexibility: Different departments will continue to pursue different IT solutions for their needs. Let them choose best-of-breed applications that don't require compromise on anyone's part.
  • Scenario analysis: Understand how changes in one place will affect everything else, without actually touching your core systems. Plan for disaster recovery with confidence.
  • Enhanced IT productivity: With greater visibility comes greater planning and execution, elimination of risks and surprises.
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